I’m Starting a Podcast and I Need Your Help

2 years ago
Since I’ve spent so much time in my house over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a need to make stuff or tinker with things or try to figure out new flavours of content for the site and others in the Network. Because of that itch, I ended up buying a bunch of audio equipment for my house and decided to make a podcast called Better Lait Than Never with my new toys. I didn’t necessarily expect to launch anything official at first, but now that Arcadia Brewing Co. has signed on as a sponsor it looks like it’s time to get going. The only problem is that I need your help.
Before I get to where I need your help, maybe I should back up and talk about what the hell I’m trying to do with this podcast. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my 10+ years working for Oilersnation, it’s that the community that follows this team is ripe with talented folks that deserve endless love for the content they make about our beloved Edmonton Oilers. If you’ve been around long enough, surely you’ll remember the photoshop contests I used to hold on the regular and how hilarious the entries always were regardless of who ended up winning in the end. Those contests remain some of the funniest stuff that we’ve posted here, and now that I’m writing this, I’m realizing how overdue we are for another one. Either way, the point here is that you fine citizens are always coming up with amazing stuff and I just want to provide another platform for you to get involved while also satisfying my itch to be weird.
Even though I already do three podcasts per week on the site, none of them quite have the energy of a Beetcast after a big win or loss. When Oilers fans are fired up, the takes that come out on those broadcasts are absolutely incredible and I want to give everyone a place to share those opinions. Basically, what I’m trying to create is a podcast with Beetcast vibes, but since I won’t be live streaming when I’m recording the show, I’ll need your help with the prep leading into the episodes. So what does that mean? Honestly, the help I’m looking for is what’s already on your mind and what you think needs to be done when it comes to the hockey team. Whether you want to write me an email, or hit me up on social media, or leave a message in my voicemail, I plan on playing/reading as many of your submissions as I can within the 30-minute window I have planned to record.
So how can you play along? Glad you asked. 
  • Since we’re talking about an audio podcast, an easy way for you to contribute your takes/ideas/rage-induced venting would be to leave me a voice message. The thing is super easy to use and you can drop your thoughts in there with only a click or two. Bookmark that link and hit me up with a message and I’ll play everything in a weekly segment.
  • Hit me up on social media. Pretty obvious, right? If you have Twitter or Instagram, you can always feel free to slide into my DMs with your thoughts. Just let me know it’s for Better Lait Than Never and I’ll have those slotted in for the next episode.
  • Email me at baggedmilk@oilersnation.com just like you would with Mailbag questions or anything else. I’ll be checking it and slipping those notes in as well.
At the end of the day, Better Lait Than Never is going to be a weekly podcast all about the hockey team and what’s going on with the website, while focusing specifically on your thoughts and ideas. While I absolutely know this show will evolve and change over time, I think it’s going to be fun to put something together that amplifies the incredible community that surrounds Oilersnation and the hockey team in general. With this podcast, we’re going to celebrate together, we’ll rage together, and we’ll ride the rollercoaster that is being an Oilers fan together. After more than a decade of being involved here at ON, it’s almost surprising that we haven’t done anything like this before since there are so many hilarious people in this fanbase, but now that I’m inching closer to launching this baby, I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with along the way.

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