Best of Nation Socials! #1

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By Woz
1 year ago
Hello friends! For those that don’t know, I’m Woz. You may have seen me all over Oilersnation’s social media channels, especially on Instagram & TikTok! Mr. Baggedmilk tasked me with a quest to find some of the best social posts that Nation Citizens have to offer, and bring all of it here to the website. As someone who’s been on every social media platform since the birth of YouTube, Twitter, Vine, and TikTok, there’s always a lot going on that you may have missed and that’s why I’m here.
First up we’ve got a great tweet from Alice Moran summing up how we all feel about this past month. Even though we won the past two games, it’s been a rough December compared to how we started and Alice’s meme summed it all up nicely.
#2: Here’s an awesome Lego piece that was made for Zach Hyman. It’s his Hebrew name written out with lego, and a big shoutout goes to Jeffisrael25 for sharing that on Twitter!
#3: I of course had to include a TikTok video from the incredibly talented Lynn Wells. The feeling when you hear Skinner is the starter!
#4: After the week he had and. the way he got off the schneid, how about some Warren Foegele love from our good friend OilersAdam
#5: With the news breaking that NHL players won’t be participating in the Olympics, this tweet from @Oilygifs sums up how we’re all feeling right now.
#6: Little bit of Instagram love coming up next. ICYMI. Jarome Iginlas son was drafted into the WHL this past month. How hilarious would it be if this happened in 2025? Shoutout to @FerdaOil on that one.
#7: Don’t know what I love more, Return of the King or the fact that Jesse Puljujarvi won’t be stuck in Seattle for Christmas!
#8: You have to check out this hilarious TikTok from Ryder & Lisa on Play 107. Basically, Lisa lost a bet and had to start yelling out hilarious things at an Oilers game!
#9: Kylie summing up how we all felt when the Kings got a call for boarding but we didn’t against Seattle.
#10: Also has anyone else seen this video of the Oilers turning in unison against Carolina??

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Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it — the best of Nation Socials all wrapped up in one article. Will definitely attempt to pump more of these out! And if you want me to share your social posts don’t hesitate to DM me on Twitter @itsWozzz.

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