bet365 Travel Diaries: Recharging between games

1 month ago
After a very tough loss in Game 1, we decided to use our Thursday as a day for mental rest and relaxation. Given the way Wednesday’s game ended and the resulting pain, we all needed the break.
First thing in the morning, the squad woke up early to handle whatever business needed to get done. Tyler left the hotel room at the crack of dawn to record a couple of shows, Jay dealt with a few meetings while walking around the city, Liam did a hit on What Chaos, and I cranked out a couple of articles to recap the evening and our first day in Van.
We had a mission to get everything done as quickly as possible to ensure there was time to get outside. There’s nothing worse than sitting in meetings when you’re still salty about the night before, so we all committed to staying dialled in until the to-do list was done.
As much as we were all disappointed about Wednesday’s result, the fact that we were as productive as we were was actually remarkable. Despite the general lack of sleep, we knocked out our work as efficiently as possible and hit the streets to get our steps in before grabbing a light lunch and starting the process of washing away the memories from Game 1.
As a crew, the four of us got the job done.
Fortunately, the weather in Vancouver was perfect on Thursday, so we took full advantage and decided to spend the afternoon at Stanley Park. As much as I dislike their hockey team, I could spend all the time in the world down by the ocean. If you remember back to Round 1, we played a par three course in Los Angeles on one of our off days, which gave Jay and Tyler the idea to play a round where the winner would get a fresh Holloway jersey.
The timing didn’t work out in L.A., but the idea never died. So when we heard there was a pitch-and-putt in Stanley Park, the boys rekindled the idea. If you’ve never been to this little course before — I hadn’t — it’s a fun little course where they filmed a handful of scenes from Happy Gilmore back in the day.
As for the bet, the boys settled on match play, where the winner of the most holes got the jersey. And after a few lead changes and plenty of friendly barbs along the way, Jay ended up winning the round nine holes to six, and Tyler was left feeling angry about a handful of putts he missed at key times of the match.
I didn’t have a dog in the fight apart from covering the head-to-head on Twitter, and from my perspective, it was fun to see the boys getting more and more competitive with every shot. Jay and Tyler are pretty solid golfers, but adding in the cost of a jersey really ramped things up a notch. As for my game, it’s still awful, but at least I’m consistent.
With our round of golf in the books and Tyler $250 broker, we made our way to Kitsilano Beach to meet up with Captain Feltan, who set up an amazing BBQ on the beach for us. Not only did the Captain set everything up, but he also went above and beyond with burgers, hot dogs, drinks, and everything else we needed for the evening. It was honestly amazing, and so very kind.
Filled with burgers and hot dogs, we watched the world go by for a couple of hours. Seeing as our boys lost Game 1 on our first day in Vancouver, having a day to relax and have a few laughs was precisely what we all needed. Instead of focusing on the heartbreak from the night before, we spent our Thursday refuelling and recharging in preparation for another round at the Rogers Arena.
As I noted in my recap article from yesterday morning, we took our share of lumps during the third period and as we were leaving, so having a day as chill as yesterday was the perfect way to get back into a positive state of mind. Obviously, I have no idea how the team spent their day, but I absolutely hope a part of it was taking a moment to reflect on what happened so we could be better going forward.

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