Better Lait Than Never: Oilers can’t protect a lead, goaltending rumours, and fighting on Twitter

6 months ago
A fresh episode of Better Lait Than Never can only mean it’s Wednesday afternoon, you’re on the back half of your work week, and we’ve got a whole lot of catching up to do. Are you excited? I’m excited.
Kicking off this week’s podcast, I got started with a run through of the Mark Spector/Tim Peel drama that kicked off on Twitter Monday night after the former NHL referee posted screenshots of their DMs on social media. Needless to say, the Internet latched onto the back-and-forth in a very real way, and it was interesting to see the reaction from folks who were not shy about chiming in. Turning back to the Oilers, the good vibes from the three-game win streak have all but disappeared as the Oilers have dropped their last two games. To make matters worse, the Oilers had two-goal leads in each of those losses, and it’s getting to the point of wondering what needs to happen for this team to be able to protect a lead. I also touched on some of the latest rumours surrounding the club, including Dave Gagner’s name being thrown out there as a possible GM as well as potential goaltending targets from across the league. Of course, all of this stuff is merely speculation at this point, but when things are going as poorly as they are in Edmonton right now, the noise and nonsense is sure to follow. Lastly, I wrapped up the episode with another Righteous Sack Beating and a fresh round of voicemails to get your take on everything that’s been happening since last week’s episode. Oh, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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