Better Lait Than Never Ep. 29 – Vacation recap, Jesse Puljujarvi rumours, and the NHL Draft

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1 year ago
Your work week is 60% of the way through and I’ve got a fresh episode of Better Lait Than Never to help power you through to the weekend. Are you excited? Of course you are.
Did you miss me while I was away on vacation? You totally did, right? I mean, I can only imagine how painful it was to not have a fresh episode of Better Lait Than Never to listen to while you wrapped up your week, but fortunately, I’m back with a fresh podcast to make sense of everything that’s happened since we last spoke. After spending a few minutes recapping my vacay for BC, I jumped into all of the Oilers news I missed including the Jay Woodcroft extension that had me feeling pretty damned excited. That said, the Woodcroft contract got me thinking about Dave Tippett and how we almost never got to experience a playoff run because of his inability to get the most out of this roster. Is it fair to complain about a guy that got the boot months ago? I don’t know the answer to that question but I did it anyway. Lastly, I wrapped up the episode with another round of voicemails to get your take on what’s been going on over the last few days in your life.
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