Better Lait Than Never Ep. 4 – Oilers showing resilience, pond hockey, and Tyler Yaremchuk

2 years ago
In today’s episode of Better Lait Than Never, I broke down the last week here in Oil Country and how things just can’t seem to get much worse, especially after the team suffered what was arguably one of the most depressing losses of the season. I also welcomed Jason Gregor to the podcast to talk about tough questions, the Oilers’ struggles, and the price of cheese.
Kicking things off, I got started with a look at the last week in Oilers nation and how a lot can change when the team pulls together a couple of wins. While the team’s issues are by no means solved, I would say that there is a marked improvement in the vibes around here and that is a win in itself. Up next, I welcomed Tyler Yaremchuk to the show to talk a little bit about the Oilers, learn about his history in radio and the Nation, as well as ask him what he expects for the time we’ll be spending together in Jasper this weekend. Tyler and I have never been roommates on a Nation trip before and that meant I had a bunch of questions for him about everything from road trip etiquette to hangover remedies and everything in between. Lastly, I wrapped up today’s podcast with another round of voicemails that you’ve all been leaving over the last week or so, and once again, you all came through in a big way.
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