Better Lait Than Never: Mattias Ekholm for Tyson Barrie+ Trade Reaction Episode

1 year ago
Two trade reaction episodes of Better Lait Than Never on the same day? It’s happening, folks! What a time to be alive.
If you missed it — and Gord knows how I don’t even know how that would be possible — the Oilers traded Tyson Barrie, Reid Schaefer, a 1st round pick (2023), and a 4th round pick (2023) in exchange for Mattias Ekholm (4% retained) and a 6th round pick in 2024. Needless to say, this was a monster deal. And while I absolutely love the addition of Mattias Ekholm and what he brings to the table, the Oilers paid a significant price to acquire him and his $6 million AAV for the next three seasons. Was it worth the cost? Are the Oilers better today than they were yesterday?
In Ekholm, the Oilers get a big, tough defenceman that can play at both ends of the rink and will help them solidify what’s happening in their own zone. Put another way, that’s pretty much the exact definition of what we need right now. But as much as there is plenty to like about bringing Ekholm to town, the cost to acquire him was significant as the Oilers needed to send Tyson Barrie, Reid Schaefer, and a pair of draft picks (1st and 4th) to Nashville to make the deal (and money) work. On an asset level, this trade is a monster for the Oilers but one that ultimately satisfies a need they have on the roster. On a human level, however, I wonder what the players in the room are thinking as one of the most popular players on the team has been sent away.
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