Better Lait Than Never: Ryan McLeod contract reaction episode

8 months ago
How about a little Ryan McLeod contract news to spice up your Tuesday night? Two years at $2.1 million? I dig it.
After what feels like years of talking about whether or not this Ryan McLeod contract situation would head to arbitration or not, Ryan Rishaug broke the news on Tuesday night that the team and player have agreed to a two-year contract extension. And at $2.1 million for the next couple of seasons, my first reaction was that this is a solid deal for both parties. Even though we had heard rumblings over the last week or so that Mcleod could be heading to arbitration to maximize his contract, I was pumped to see that they avoided the situation altogether by finding some middle ground. In this 12-minute reaction episode of BLTN, I looked at Ryan McLeod’s career so far, this new contract, and read your feedback on what you think of this two-year extension. Oh, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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Listen to the emergency episode of BLTN below:
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