Better Lait Than Never: Sports 1440 announcement, and Tyler and Baggedmilk do Vancouver

7 months ago
Who doesn’t love an impromptu episode of Better Lait Than Never to wrap up your Monday? What a time to be alive, friends.
Kicking off the emergency episode of Better Lait Than Never, Tyler Yaremchuk and I walked through this morning’s announcement regarding the return of sports radio to the capital region. In case you missed it, we announced a massive partnership for The Nation Network this morning that will see Jason Gregor bring sports radio back to your AM dial starting on September 5th. Not only will The Jason Gregor Show be coming back to radio as you’ve always known, but we’ve also got an entire stable of programming that kicks off with The Kevin Karius Show at 7 AM. Needless to say, this is a massive deal for The Nation Network and one that we couldn’t be more proud to finally announce.
From there, Tyler and I recapped the start of our trip to Vancouver where we’ll be trying to get a little bit more business done. I know there’s nothing more annoying than a cryptic tease like that, but we’re hoping to have another announcement locked in sooner than later. We also talked about how we almost missed our flight to Vancouver because we spent too much time drinking at the airport Chili’s. Being the last two on the plane doesn’t make us dicks, does it? Either way, we wanted to knock out a quick podcast to walk through what was a very cool day for the network while also giving a little teaser on what’s yet to come. Can you figure it out?
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Listen to this week’s episode of BLTN below:
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