Better Lait Than Never: Talkin’ Oilers and teeing up the NHL season with Frank Seravalli

1 year ago
Is there anything more exciting than a fresh episode of Better Lait Than Never to help you get through what’s left of the week? On today’s show, I walked through the latest news from Oilers training camp, handed out the pre-season champ award, and welcomed Frank Seravalli from Daily Faceoff to help me tee up the 2022-23 NHL season.
To kick off today’s podcast, I got started with a guy that everyone wants to talk about: Dylan Holloway. After pumping a hat trick home against the Canucks on Wednesday night, we citizens are about as confident as it gets that this guy will be able to jump into this lineup and make a difference. As much as I’m on board with pounding back the Kool-Aid, the hype has started to remind me of another Oilers prospect that once scored a pre-season hat trick. Changing gears, I spent some time on the announcement that The Nation Network will be launching a handful of new live shows this season, including Tyler’s new project called Oilersnation Everyday. From there, I welcomed Frank Seravalli to the podcast to help me break down some of the latest rumours and news that are circling the Oilers these days. I asked Frank everything from the latest on Jesse Puljujarvi, to the Leafs clearing cap space for Connor McDavid, to who he thinks is going to win the Stanley Cup. As you’ll hear, we covered a lot of territory in this interview and I hope I was able to sneak in all of the questions you fine folks wanted me to ask.
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