Better Lait Than Never: The Biggest Oilers Stories of 2022 with Tyler Yaremchuk

1 year ago
As the 2022 winds down, I thought it might be fun to walk through some of the biggest Edmonton Oilers stories of the year as determined by the traffic on Oilersnation.com, and as I was putting together the list, I realized just how crazy these past 12 months have been. That’s why I invited Tyler Yaremchuk on the podcast to help me break down these stories and wrap up the year with our hopes for 2023.
To kick off the year-end wrap up, Tyler and I got started with a look back on the trades that have happened for the Oilers this past season, and even though there weren’t many of them, just five in total, there’s little doubt that Ken Holland got some important work done in terms of shaping this roster. For better or worse, Ken Holland’s patience with this roster has given us a rollercoaster year and it was interesting to look back on what he’s done so far and what still needs to be done as we work our way into the back half of the 2022-23 campaign. We also checked in on a bunch of rumours and names that the Oilers have been tied to over the past 12 months and how the Oilers may actually be better off not making some of the moves that were supposed to get done. How could we look back at 2022 without diving into some of the negatives we suffered as well, including the ‘why are you so pissy’ exchange between Jim Matheson and Leon Draisaitl, Dave Tippett being fired and replaced with Jay Woodcroft, and the horrible stretch of games that led to the coaching change in the first place. Mixed in with all of the news from the site were a few of my favourite Baggedmilk and Tyler moments as the two of us continue to have a blast together while making a tonne of content while we were at it, and it was funny to see Tyler give his version of the stories we shared that he didn’t know were coming. Lastly, I wrapped up the 2022 year in review with a message of thanks to everyone that has helped me grow this podcast in its first year, and how grateful I am to have the numbers climbing while having so much fun in the process.
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