Better Lait Than Never: The Oilers acquire Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick in first Silly Szn trades

4 months ago
There’s nothing quite like a big trade in the hours leading up to the new episode of Better Lait Than Never to liven up the podcast, amirite? Today, Ken Holland pulled the trigger on a trade that saw the Oilers send out their first (2024), fourth (2025), and fifth-round (2025) picks in exchange for Adam Henrique, Sam Carrick, a seventh-round pick, and Ty Taylor, and I want to talk about it.
Before we got to the trade talk, I had to walk through a few different things first, including the amazing Brunch for Ben that happened last weekend and Greta and the bonus episode of BLTN that I recorded with Dooks. For my money, Dooks’ visit to town went about as well as it possibly could have, and I was very grateful to be able to spend a little bit of time with him. I was also happy that he was able to attend the Brunch for Ben that happened on Saturday, marking the first Nation event he was able to attend as well.
Turning the podcast back to the Oilers, how could I not start with the massive trade that happened this afternoon? The Oilers sent out three picks—a first, fourth, and fifth—to acquire Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick at 75% retained while also grabbing a seventh-rounder and depth goalie as add-ins. While I personally like this trade a whole lot, it wasn’t surprising to see how many Oilers fans were left wanting after the team spent its best trade chip on a middle-six forward and depth centreman.
Lastly, I wrapped up this week’s podcast with a little bit of betting talk for our friends at Bet99, played a guest RSB from Nick, and capped things off with another round of voicemails that ranged from Oilers talk to reality TV to anything else that was on your mind. Once again, this podcast never ceases to make me laugh, and I’m so very grateful for the levels of participation by the wonderful BLTN community that keep moving this show forward. Oh, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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