Better Lait Than Never: The Oilers may never lose again, and my mixed feelings on Corey Perry

3 months ago
It’s been a busy couple of weeks since my last podcast. I was in Toronto last week for a business trip, the Oilers signed Corey Perry, and they also wrapped up their 14th consecutive win, meaning there was a lot to talk about on the brand new episode of Better Lait Than Never.
Kicking off the podcast, I got started with a quick recap of my trip to Toronto and how it was a great experience to be able to get into the weeds of how our business works and how we can continue to improve. As I was sitting in those sessions, it was almost surreal to me to think about how far this company has come in the 10 years I’ve worked here full time. After getting home from the Six, I basically jumped right into a car and drove to Jasper for the annual pond hockey tournament, which happens to be one of the greatest weekends of the year.
Turning the show toward the Oilers, I had to start with the news that the team had signed Corey Perry to a one-year contract to finish up the year in Edmonton and what that means for the team moving forward. Given that the Oilers are riding a 14-game heater, it’s fair to wonder if the team needed this kind of addition right now, but I’m personally very excited. Now that Perry is here, however, I do wonder who is going to come out of the lineup to clear up the spot. Lastly, I wrapped up the episode with another Righteous Sack Beating and a fresh round of voicemails to get your take on everything that’s been happening since last week’s episode. Oh, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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