Better Lait Than Never: Time is long when the Oilers are out of the playoffs feat. David Quadrelli

9 months ago
It’s Wednesday afternoon and that means a brand new episode of Better Lait Than Never is ready to recap the last week in Edmonton Oilers land with a healthy dose of randomness mixed in to keep things light.
To kick off this week’s podcast, I got started with a podcast confession that I haven’t been watching any hockey at all after the Oilers got knocked out in the second round. So what have I been doing to occupy my time, you might be wondering? The answer is a whole lot of nonsense. Somehow, I’ve found myself locked in these random TikTok holes that range from Bonzai pruning to pressure-washing driveways, but at the same time, I’m enjoying these silly videos way more than anything the NHL playoffs have to offer. Getting back to hockey, I kicked off the news by wishing Mattias Ekholm a very happy 33rd birthday and celebrated by playing a hilarious clip from the interview he recently gave to Christine Simpson over at Sportsnet. From there, I dove into Frank Seravalli’s Top 50 UFA list over at Daily Faceoff and tried to figure out if any of the names listed would be realistic fits for the Oilers based on their current needs and cap space. With some potential shopping out of the way, I finished up the news with a look at the GM news that came out of Toronto and Calgary, including the funny spat between Brendan Shanahan and Kyle Dubas. Lastly, I wrapped up the episode with another Righteous Sack Beating and a fresh round of voicemails to get your take on what’s been going on over the last week. Oh, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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Listen this week’s episode of BLTN below:
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