BLT Bets Episode 15 – The Opening Five Innings and an EPL Week One Preview

Liam Horrobin
7 months ago
Welcome back to another episode of BLT Bets with Baggedmilk, Liam and Tyler on the Nation Network of podcasts. Today, you’re during the show three of them in the middle of a Toronto Blue Jays game, so expect to hear some live updates throughout the show.
Sticking with baseball, Tyler had some thoughts on the MLB following Tuesday’s trade deadline and how it could affect the World Series odds. The biggest name moved was certainly Juan Soto, who was acquired by the San Diego Padres. Now with Soto in the lineup, Tyler likes the Padres to go the distance in the MLB playoffs and capture their first World Series title. He goes in-depth on why he’s made this decision and also on what their path could look like in the postseason. Later on, in the show, Tyler also talks about betting on the first five innings of a game and which teams you should be looking out for.
Now, onto a different sport; with most major European soccer leagues starting this weekend, Liam looked at a few of the lines. He laid out two English Premier League bets worth hitting along with one in the German Bundesliga. Liam then went on to talk about the contenders for the Premier League title. Finally, they closed out the show with another BLT sandwich.
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