BLT Bets Episode 16 – Live Betting at Sports Game and Big Brother Odds

Liam Horrobin
1 year ago
Baggedmilk and Tyler are back from Toronto after a weekend of betting on the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto FC. While betting on the Blue Jays did not go as planned, they took Liam’s betting advice for the game, which helped them walk away with a smile on their face at their first live soccer game.
After talking about their time in Toronto, Tyler went in on the Blue Jays’ recent run, talking about their chances of making the playoffs. Toronto are heavy favourites to make the playoffs but should you still believe in them? The guys looked at their upcoming schedule and other odds in the playoff run to determine if the juice was worth the squeeze.
Also, on the show, the BLT Boys moved away from sports betting and looked at the Big Brother odds. Tyler quizzed Baggedmilk and Liam on who they thought the odds on favourite to win this season along with America’s Favourite Houseguest.
Tyler then spoke about when you should make your NFL bets and why it is silly to bet earlier. Then Liam gave some more soccer bets after going 2-1 on the last episode. Finally, they then finished the show with an MLS BLT Sandwich.
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