Clips and Quotes: Edmonton Oilers down Winnipeg Jets 4-2

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Zach Laing
1 year ago
Are you sweaty? I’m sweaty. Final score: 4-2 Oilers.
A dominant two periods was just enough for Edmonton to hang on for a huge 4-2 win. Jay Woodcroft has now won the first five games of his NHL head coaching career. BaggedMilk has the Wrap Up here.

The Clips

The Quotes

Connor McDavid

On the game: “I thought our first two periods were really, really strong. we gave ourselves a bit of a cushion there. Don’t like giving up the shortie to get them back in the game. They find a way to make it a game. They’re a good team, they’re playing well, and they made it a game.”
On the Oilers’ first and second period: “I thought you used a good word in the first question: connected. I thought we have five guys all over the ice having layers everywhere making it hard for them to come through us.”
On his game, having an extra step: “You have nights where you feel good, you have nights where you don’t feel so good. Tonight, I felt good. I thought our team played well. I’ve had warmups where I’ve felt great and played terrible, and I’ve had warmups where I felt terrible and played great. I don’t think warmup is a great tell on how you’re going to feel on the night, but tonight I felt good from the start.”
On the shorthanded goal against: “They’re a good team and they were smart. They started sending guys. One of their breakaways was a dman too. They were sending guys up the ice and challenging us. Obviously, we didn’t do enough to stop ’em. Meeks makes a great save on the first one and we can’t give up the second one. That’s totally on us. you can’t do that.”
On the end of the game and the 6-on-4: “Yeah, it’s tough when they have two extra guys. I thought our guys did an amazing job. Ceece sells out and blocks one which is never easy to do. I thought Leo and Nuge and Hyms. Nurse does what he does, and Meeks stood strong.”

Tyson Barrie

On the game: “I think that five-on-three kill was huge for us. We had a good start and we fought off some adversity early. We were able to get one on the powerplay, then another one, and another one. I thought we took the game over and we controlled most of the play. I give them credit, they had a good push in the third but I thought we showed a lot of maturity in fighting that one off. There wasn’t a lot of panic coming down the stretch, even with all those penalties.”
On the powerplay: “We’ve been fighting it on the powerplay. I think if you watch us over the last few years, we make plays off of shots and getting pucks back. That’s when Connor and Leon and Nuge, those guys go to work. Trying to establish a shot and be a threat up top opens up a little more space for them. That’s where that mentality comes from.”
On the shorthanded goal: “I’d have to watch, but that first one I was definitely in too tight, I should’ve pulled out. But the second one, any 50/50 puck they were just gone. It’s a risky play and it paid off on that one. It’s something we’ll learn from and it won’t happen again.”

Mikko Koskinen

On the game: “I felt really good. I’ve been watching at home and it’s never easy. But last games we’ve been playing has been really fun to watch and it’s fun to be back with the boys. It’s good vibes with the team.”
On having COVID-19: “I was really lucky. I didn’t have any symptoms so just bad timing for me. I missed like five games but that’s part of life and hockey is only one part. It’s most important that everyone is healthy.”
On the Oilers being more connected with more attention to detail: “Yeah. You can say that. I don’t want to call past, but right now I really like how the team is playing. There’s still a lot of room to improve and we try to get better every day. That’s the key to be successful at the end of the year.”

Jay Woodcroft

On the game: “I would say five wins for the Edmonton Oilers. You just had Mikko Koskinen up here, but what a performance he put in. I thought he instilled a lot of confidence in our team. Really thought our penalty kill stepped up tonight especially early in the game. It would’ve been easy to hang our heads down five-on-three the way we were. There’s a lot of warriors there that were diving in front of pucks. I think it was six or seven penalty kills against and only three powerplay shots against. That’s a credit to our penalty kill which is starting to build some confidence. What I really, really enjoyed about tonight’s game was they got a little momentum in the last eight or nine minutes of the game, but our team didn’t flinch. Everyone was calm, we were saying the right things on the bench, and we found a way to come out of a tough building with two points, which is the most important thing.”
On the shorthanded goal against: “I think naturally when a team is down three goals, they’re willing to take a risk. They had some bounces too there. Give them credit, they’re a good hockey team — a really, really good hockey team. Those things happen sometimes. There’s growth moments we can talk about and get better at going forward. Like I said, they pushed and we didn’t flinch.”
On McDavid’s game: “He had it goin’ on tonight. He has it going on most nights. In the end, it was a close game and some of the plays our top player made were the difference in the game.”
On defensive efforts from McDavid and Draisaitl, them buying into the system: “Well, I think it’s contagious first of all. When some of the best hockey players in the world are working their way back into their own end with a type of relentlessness and attention to detail, I think the rest of the team follows suit. Those two are leaders on our team. I think it’s a good sign when they’re leading the way by committing to the defensive side of the puck. I really liked the way we played the game five-on-five tonight. I thought it was very detailed and in the end, we found a way, like I said, to get two points in a tough building.”
On Cody Ceci, his late shot block: “He’s a warrior on the back end. He’s somebody that is one of our unsung heroes on the back and another good one at the end of the game.”
On the Oilers’ goaltending: “I think all three goaltenders you mentioned have played very well. They instill confidence in the team. As a coaching staff, we’re confident in all of them. I was really happy for Mikko tonight, because he was playing well before the break and through no fault of his own, he ended up on covid protocols and really worked hard to get back to be able to play a game. He put in a really good performance tonight. I’m proud of him.”

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