Connor McDavid helped the NHL plan a competitive Skills Competition for 2024 All-Star Game

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Ryley Delaney
6 months ago
Connor McDavid isn’t just creative on the ice, but also off it as well.
The NHL All-Star Game in Toronto is a little under two months away, and the skills competition is getting an overhaul, thanks to McDavid. It will now feature 12 players battling for a chance at $1 million, as they’ll all compete in at least six challenges, before eight move on to the next one, and then six players will battle in the final challenge.
The skills will be fastest skater, hardest shot, stick handling, one-timers, passing challenge, accuracy Shooting, NHL shootout (eight players), and NHL obstacle course (six players).
An interesting tidbit about the NHL shootout is that all eight players will get to pick a goaltender who made it to the All-Star game to shoot on, which will definitely lead to some intrigue. Thankfully, the best goaltender will get a reward as well. The obstacle course will be a mashup of the first seven events, which the NHL senior VP Steve Mayer said that “everything will come alive in the final event”. It’ll also double the points to “keep the players engaged until the end.”
Speaking of points, how does it work in terms of the rules? Well, it’ll be based on point accumulation, with the first-place winner receiving five points, with the points descending by one to fifth place. Players won’t receive a point for a sixth-placed finish or lower.
There will also be some twists, according to Mayer, who noted that puck player player tracking will be used. Could there be a money puck, where you pick up free points? What about picking up points by beating the NHL record for the fastest lap? It’s all very exciting. Mayer noted that the National Hockey League asked McDavid his thoughts and he gave feedback. In fact, he helped determine the skills that “make for a great all-around hockey player.” 
It’s safe to say that McDavid will be participating in the first-ever redux of the skills competition. The best player of all time should excel in most events, but especially the fastest skater. There will also be four players voted in by fans, and there’s a good chance that Leon Draisaitl will get in as well. You could expect him to excel at the one-timers and the passing challenge.
The NHL All-Star game has been begging for a change, and along with the NHL bringing back the player draft, the skills competition will go a long way in engaging their fanbase and potentially bringing in new fans.

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