Edmonton Oilers announce 2023 rookie camp roster

Zach Laing
7 months ago
The Edmonton Oilers have released their rookie camp roster with plenty of familiar names, and a few new faces.
Among the players coming to rookie camp and getting a taste of action in an Oilers uniform at the Young Stars tournament in Penticton this week are recent draft picks Xavier Bourgault, Beau Akey, Tyler Tulio, Carter Savoie and Max Wanner.
They make up just a portion of the Oilers’ draftees that will take to camp. Others include Jake Chiasson, Matvei Petrov, and Nathan Day. Carl Berglund, signed as an NCAA free agent last year, and Jayden Grubbe, acquired ahead of the draft this year, will both be at camp, as well.
Edmonton also issued a number of camp invites this year. Forwards include Ethan De Jong, Ture Linden, Preston Lounsbury, Jake Sloan, Brady Stonehouse, Antonin Verreault, and Cameron Wright. Defencemen invites were issued to Xavier Bernard, Noah Ganske, Jake Johnson, Noah Misskey, Josh Van Mulligan, and Noah Van Vliet, while goaltenders Zachary Bowen and Joey Rocha also were invited to camp.
A number of players were welcomed to the Oilers’ development camp, too. Players like Ethan De Jong and Jake Johnson were both signed by the Oilers AHL affiliate Bakersfield Condors.
Here’s the full roster, as provided by the Oilers:
Berglund, Carl47C6’3”187LU-MASS Lowell36121527127FA3/2/2023Jan. 16, 2000Hammaro, SWE
Bourgault, Xavier54C5’11”185RBakersfieldAHL621321341610R1P222021Oct. 22, 2002Quebec City, QC
Chiasson, Jake61W6’3”187RBrndn-SsktnWHL7020385826-15R4P1162021May 25, 2003Abbotsford, BC
De Jong, Ethan53W5’11”183RQuinnipiac Univ41192140825Camp InviteJul. 12, 1999North Van., BC
Grubbe, Jayden42C6’3”195RRed DeerWHL641849677110TRD 5/31/2023Jan. 12, 2003Calgary, AB
Linden, Ture51C6’0”201RPenn State39111829117Camp InviteJul. 6, 1997Great Falls, VA
Lounsbury, Preston70W6’0”165LMonctonQMJHL58111728186Camp InviteApr. 12, 2005Salisbury, NB
Petrov, Matvei43W6’2”195RNorth BayOHL652766933231R6P1802021Mar. 12, 2003Moscow, RUS
Savoie, Carter48W5’10”188LBakersfieldAHL44831118-17R4P1002020Jan. 23, 2002St. Albert, AB
Sloan, Jake64C6’3”220RTri-CityWHL58203555357Camp InviteFeb. 13, 2004Girvan, GBR
Stonehouse, Brady41W5’10”192ROttawaOHL683720576628Camp InviteAug. 6, 2004Blenhiem, ON
Tullio, Tyler68W5’11”179RBakersfieldAHL63131326182R5P1262020Apr. 5, 2002Detroit, MI
Verreault, Antonin60W5’8”160LGatineau QMJHL381019291821Camp InviteJul. 28, 2004Mirabel, QC
Wright, Cameron38W6’1”194RUtahECHL64293463136-8Camp InviteAug. 11, 1998Newmarket, ON
Akey, Beau82RD6’0”174RBarrieOHL6611364739-4R2P562023Feb. 11, 2005Waterloo, ON
Bernard, Xaiver83LD6’3”205LAllen ECHL18088164Camp InviteJan. 6, 2000Mercier, QC
Ganske, Noah77RD6’7”209RWisconsin R-Falls22381137Camp InviteApr. 21, 1999Bloomington, MN
Johnson, Jake84RD6’1”192LQuinnipiac Univ39411153231Camp InviteAug. 13, 1998Bloomington, MN
Misskey, Nate90LD6’3”202RVictoriaWHL65591466-19Camp InviteJan. 12, 2005Melfort, SK
Van Mulligen, Josh92LD6’2”198RMedicine Hat WHL681892616Camp InviteJul. 26, 2005Medicine Hat, SK
Van Vliet, Noah79RD6’2”218LHamiltonOHL613121574-5Camp InviteFeb. 18, 2004Toronto, ON
Wanner, Maximus88RD6’3”194RMoose JawWHL44822304523R7P2122021Mar. 12, 2003Estevan, SK
Bowen, Zachary32L6’2”173LondonOHL2617-4-03.10.899Camp InviteApr. 25, 2005Ottawa, ON
Day, Nathan33L6’3”190FlintOHL3217-10-03.910.874R6 P1842023Feb. 4, 2005Burlington, ON
Rocha, Joey34L6’1”179Swift Curr.WHL188-5-20002.850.906Camp InviteJan. 22, 2005Nanaimo, BC

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