Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid and long-time girlfriend Lauren Kyle are officially engaged

Photo credit:laurenkyle1/Instagram
By Woz
9 months ago
Breaking off-season news that will absolutely warm your heart. No, it’s not a signing, a trade, or a firing: it’s an engagement.
Get ready for a McRoyal Wedding, Connor McDavid and his long-time girlfriend Lauren Kyle are officially engaged. The engagement was announced on Laurens’s Instagram this afternoon noting that Connor had proposed yesterday in her caption and that the couple has been together for about eight years. A big congratulations to both of them on the engagement.
“22.06.23 was the best day of my life 😭🤍 I cannot put into words how happy I am to be spending the rest of our lives together. Almost 8 years of growth, happiness and so much love and I can’t believe we have so much more to look forward to.
I knew you were my person from the day we met and I can’t wait for the beautiful life we are going to create together.
Thank you for the most thoughtful, picture-perfect proposal that I could never have imagined. I love you more than anything. 🤍🤍”
This is fantastic news and things you love to hear especially in the off-season. The question of when McDavid and Kyle would get married always floated around the office at Nation HQ in conversations. Some believed Connor would wait until winning the Stanley Cup before focusing on marriage and popping the question.
We’d also predict who would be the first one to do it, Leon or Connor and most felt Leon would be the one to pop the question first.
Safe to say none of us saw this move coming from McDavid, gotta give credit to the Oilers’ captain as his knee game was on point with this proposal. Lauren better be doing weight training to carry that rock around.
While around this time of the year, there’s plenty of speculation about what the Oilers will do, who will get traded and etc, however, it always puts a smile on our faces when we hear of the players’ achievements and milestones off the ice. Earlier this week Evander Kane and his partner Mara Teigen announced the birth of their second child together.
Also to note Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’s wife is due to give birth in August and Mattias Ekholm has mentioned his wife is expecting.
Personally, I can’t wait to see all the photos from this wedding. Who attends, how they suit up, and how many Oilers will be a part of the groomsmen.
Once again, Congratulations to Connor McDavid and Lauren Kyle. All of Edmonton, all of Oilersnation couldn’t be happier for you.

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