Edmonton Oilers reveal specialty logos for 2023-24 Cultural Celebration Games

Photo credit:Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Aleena Aksenchuk
5 months ago
The Edmonton Oilers have released the specialty logos for their Cultural Celebration Games throughout the 2023-24 campaign.
Each design has been carefully and thoughtfully crafted by local artists, each fit to honour their respective cultures.
The logo for the Indigenous Celebration was designed by Lance Cardinal, who created the logo to honour and recognize the Indigenous peoples in Canada. Drawn from the inspiration of Turtle Island, Cardinal expressed that the emblem represents everyone from all walks of life, every nation, animals, and Mother Earth. The logo was first displayed on November 13th, 2023, when the Oilers played the New York Islanders.
The next logo to be presented at Rogers Place will be in honour of the Oilers’ Lunar New Year Celebration on February 13th, when the Oilers face the Detroit Red Wings. The logo was crafted by Pete Nguyen, who recognized this year as the Year of the Dragon. He expresses the courage, intelligence, enthusiasm, and confidence it symbolizes and embodies the spirit that everyone should have in mind this year.
On February 21st, the Oilers will celebrate Black History Month with the logo designed by AJA Louden, which uses different techniques from the Bogolafini and symbols from the Batik. He explains that the design was inspired by the rich heritage that connects the community and the further kinship that expands worldwide. The Celebration will occur as the Oilers play the Boston Bruins.
For the last Celebration of the season, the Oilers will have their South Asian Celebration on March 31st against the Buffalo Sabres. Sunny Nerval created the logo, which incorporated the peacock, resonating with themes of diversity, unity, and community spirit. Nerval explains the colours within the logo convey the diversity in the South Asian community and the Edmonton Oilers fanbase.
Each logo will be placed on specialty Oilers jerseys and limited edition merchandise, with each portion of the proceeds directed to community organizations selected by each collection’s respected designer.
Indigenous Celebration Night — Oilers vs Islanders, November 13th, 2023
Lunar New Year Celebration – Oilers vs Red Wings, February 13th, 2024
Celebrating Black History Month – Oilers vs Boston Bruins, February 24th, 2024
South Asian Celebration – Oilers vs Sabres, March 31st, 2024

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