Frank Seravalli: “I think there’s a 90 percent chance that both McDavid and Draisaitl are Oilers for a long time”

Connor McDavid Leon Draisaitl
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By Woz
10 months ago
After Jeff Jackson was announced as the Oilers’ CEO of Hockey Operations last week, one question that everyone had on their mind is what that means for Connor McDavid. Jackson had been McDavid’s agent since Connor was only 15 years old and many are starting to believe that this move was made not only to give the organization stability in the coming years but cement McDavid and Leon Draisaitl as Edmonton Oilers for a very long time.
The future of the two superstars has been in question many times, especially by those who aren’t as biased towards the Oilers. On the DFO Rundown, Frank Seravalli added that, in his opinion, there’s a 90% chance McDavid and Draisaitl are Oilers for a long, long time.
“I also don’t think there was ever really any much, any big discussion or rumblings or whispers about a percentage chance of Connor McDavid going somewhere at some point, but essentially you’ve locked up Connor McDavid for the foreseeable future now that you bring in his guy”
Seravalli mentions that whenever those would bring up the idea of both McDavid and Draisaitl leaving it would be laughable with how high of a chance there is that both players stay.
“Anytime anyone’s ever even mentioned the idea I’ve sort of laughed it off like I think there’s a 90-some percent chance that both McDavid and Draisaitl are Edmonton Oilers for a long, long time”
Interestingly enough, when that quote made the rounds on social media, many hockey fans weren’t at all surprised. I found that odd especially since the Oilers won the 2015 draft lottery, opposing fans would say McDavid will leave the first chance he gets or that if the Oilers don’t win a Stanley Cup soon, both he and Draisaitl are leaving Edmonton.
Basically, anyone who wasn’t an Oilers fan felt that Connor and Leon wouldn’t finish their careers in Edmonton. As a result, I’m sure many Oilers fans have felt a little anxiety and doubt deep down if the team didn’t start winning, a future without 29 and 97 would come sooner than later.
Jason Gregor added to Seravalli’s comment
“Yeah I’d be surprised they’re thick as thieves, they get along great, I think they’re highly competitive, they challenge one another, they support one another. There’s something to be said about how they’ve erased some records already in Edmonton. Leon Draisaitl has done some things that Wayne Gretzky didn’t do in individual seasons in Edmonton which is mind-blowing.”
Gregor pointed out that if Connor signs a long-term deal then he’d have a high chance at becoming the highest-scoring Oiler in franchise history.
“If Connor McDavid signs a long-term deal, he could end up being the highest-scoring Edmonton Oiler of all time. Now, sure he’d have to get over 1660 points but still at the rate he’s going, I think there’s a very legit chance that happens”
The transformation of the Oilers over the past eight years was acknowledged by Seravalli and the impact of Bob Nicholson coming in right before Connor McDavid.
“Look at where the Edmonton Oilers are from a hockey and business perspective eight years ago until now, it’s a different ball game, it’s now one of the premier franchises in the league and part of that has to do with ownership as well. I think Daryl Katz has really done a nice job as a steward.”
The emergence of a superstar talent in Draisaitl and a generational player in McDavid will boost the profile of your organization no matter what, but it’s also important to bring in the right people and players to surround them with. Let’s not forget Rogers Place opened up at the right time as both names became faces of the franchise.
It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Nicholson and Co. since 2015, but the Edmonton Oilers are right where they want to be now, and with Jeff Jackson, the future looks to be in safe hands.


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