GDB 13.0: No more talk, no more excuses, just go win (8pm MT, HNIC)

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7 months ago
If we’re operating under the assumption that every new day is a fresh opportunity, then how could you not be excited to watch the Edmonton Oilers take on the Seattle Kraken in the late slot on Hockey Night in Canada?
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Even though we’ve seen more horrible hockey than quality performances, I’m still optimistic that the Edmonton Oilers will be able to turn their year around. I know the standings and my own eyeballs would tend to disagree, but there’s hope in me that will not die, and I’m bullish that the boys will be able to figure this out despite themselves. I mean, I’ve been covering this team so long that I remember what it looks like with JF Jacques on the first line, so how on earth can it be possible that this lineup is struggling so badly in nearly every facet? It’s honestly shocking.
To make matters worse, the Oilers look like they have absolutely no idea how to turn things around. Outside of the Eakins era, I don’t know that I can remember a time when the team looked this lost without having any hope that things will get better. Have we time-travelled? If I didn’t know better, I’d swear to Gord that we were watching the swarm again. It’s a strange feeling to go into the year believing that the Oilers could be Cup contenders only to have them pull off the NHL equivalent of Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes. You can picture it, can’t you? *imagines*
I’ll be at tonight’s game between the Oilers and Kraken for a #NationVacation, and I’m hoping there’s a miracle to be had with a group of us in the building for a roadie. Our group is one of the best squads that you could ever hope to meet, and if there’s one thing they deserve, it’s a good showing against the divisional rival that features a healthy dose of our former friends littered throughout their lineup. With that many Oilers on the ice — once an Oiler, always an Oiler – how could they possibly lose? I mean, sure, you could point to the boys losing to the worst team in the NHL on Thursday and suggest that means tonight will also go poorly, but maybe we’re in line for a miracle. Dare to dream?
Let’s see what the numbers say…


LAST 10 GAMES2-7-15-3-2
POWER PLAY%23.326.2
AVG. SHOTS/FOR34.830.8
TEAM SAVE%.903.918
CORSI FOR%57.0748.54
Numbers courtesy of Natural Stat Trick (Sv%, CF%, PDO, Shooting%, xGF% all at 5×5)




McLeod – McDavid – Hyman
Holloway – Draisaitl– Foegele
Kane – RNH – Gagner
Lavoie – Hamblin – Ryan
Nurse – Ceci
Ekholm – Bouchard
Kulak – Desharnais
I really don’t care what the line combos are at this point, who’s slumping, or what needs to be done to end this drought, I just need this group to get their shit together and start playing the way we know they can. I almost feel like I need to head out into the streets of Seattle to find a sacrifice and do my part to turn this around, so I may need an alibi if the plan moves forward. Either way, Woody is fighting for his life out here.


McCann – Beniers – Yamamoto
Schwartz – Wennberg – Kartye
Tolvanen – Gourde – Bjorkstrand
Shore – Wright – Winterton
Dunn – Larsson
Oleksiak – Borgen
Dumoulin – Schultz
There are so many former Oilers are littered throughout the Kraken lineup that it has me feeling nervous about the former-Oilers curse. I know it hasn’t bitten us as badly lately, but it’s hard to ignore when the opponent has four of our old friends littering the lineup. That said, I’m bringing the good vibes to Climate Pledge Arena and will scream loudly to try and help our boys get out of this rut.


Photoshop: Tom Kostiuk
Game Day Prediction: I’m pretty sure this will be the day that the Oilers win by a 4-2 score.
Obvious Game Day Prediction: I will complain about paying $25 USD for a beer at Climate Pledge arena, but I will still buy them anyway.
Not-So-Obvious Game Day Prediction: Someone in the bottom six scores a goal. I don’t know who it will be — how could anyone ever predict such a thing — but I can feel a depth goal in my bones.

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