Risky Business: Bet on Evander Kane to score and the Oilers shot prop

2 months ago
Risky Business is brought to you by NHL odds site Betway!
How do you write a betting article about the Edmonton Oilers when you’re not sure what you’re going to get from them on a daily basis? Since they got back from the all-star break, our boys have a rollercoaster of being able to score to lonely combatants wandering a desert of despair where no goals are found. The highs are high, and the lows are low.
So, what is the approach to betting on this game, knowing that my favourite team is battling it right now, and they’ll need to bring their best to have any chance against a Dallas Stars team that leads their division? If the Oilers were playing as tight as they were in January, then I’d say giddyup and chase the juice, but right now, that’s just not the play.
The Oilers have given up 14 goals over their last three games, while the Stars have scored 16 over their last three. That’s a combination of stats that doesn’t exactly breed confidence, you know? Yet, at the same time, Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are back together on the first line for this afternoon’s game in Dallas, and that offers a few multi-point options to chase that have a reasonable chance of cashing.
If you’re following along at home, the odds I use for my game-day betting articles all season come from Betway. Here’s what I’m putting down against the Dallas Stars.

Player Prop:

Evan Bouchard over 2.5 shots at +120. My $5 bet would return $11.00.

Easy Money:

Oilers over 33 total shots on goal at -105. My $5 bet would return $9.76.

Risky Business:

Evander Kane to score at +187. My $5 bet would return $14.37.

Can’t Miss Parlay:

Over 6.5 total goals and Leon Draisaitl to register 2+ points. My $5 bet would return $12.50.


Last Game

Even though I basically came out even, the fact that the Oilers played so poorly in that 6-3 loss to the Blues was incredibly disheartening.
Here’s what I bet against the Blues:
  • Evan Bouchard over 2.5 shots on goal at +100. ✅
  • Over 60.5 total shots on goal at -116. ✅
  • Zach Hyman and Leon Draisaitl both to score at +300. 
  • Oilers to win and Connor McDavid to register 2+ points at +150. 
And there you have it, friends. Now you know what I’m betting on and how I did last game. As always, I put one unit down on each bet. Hit me up in the comments section to let me know what you’re looking at against the Dallas Stars.
It’s also worth noting that betting lines move throughout the day, so that may be the reason why what’s listed above doesn’t match what’s on Betway when you put together your own bets.

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