Risky Business: Do it for Coach Garlic… again

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6 months ago
Risky Business is brought to you by NHL odds site Betway!
It’s weird to think about how we have a new coach behind the bench, even though the last time these two teams played four days ago ended up in a win for the Oilers. It’s also strange that the Oilers have a chance to pick up their first three-game win streak of the year, and if they do, there will be two coaches’ names attached to it. Either way, we’ve got a rematch against the Seattle Kraken, and they’re likely unhappy about how things ended in their barn, meaning they’ll be doing everything they can for a little revenge. I mean, we ruined one of their home games, so why wouldn’t they want to do the same? That said, the Oilers are also starting to look like themselves a little over these past two nights, and I’m hopeful they can continue that progression in what is undoubtedly a very important game. However, my approach will be conservative regarding the game day bets as I’m still nervous about getting into the weeds too much with the boys as inconsistent as they’ve been.
If you’re following along at home, the odds I’m using for my game day betting articles all season come from Betway. Here’s what I’m putting down against the Seattle Kraken.

Player Prop:

Connor McDavid anytime goal scorer at +105. My $5 bet would return $10.25.

Easy Money:

Over 1.5 total power play goals at -140. My $5 bet would return $8.57.

Risky Business:

Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid to score at +300. My $5 bet would return $20.00.

Can’t Miss Parlay:

Oilers to win and Leon Draisaitl to register 1+ point at -134. My $5 bet would return $8.75.


Last Game

It wasn’t the prettiest win you will ever see, but dammit it was beautiful to me. They don’t ask you how, they just ask how many.
Here’s what I bet against the Islanders:
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins over 2.5 shots at +125.
  • First period over 1.5 goals at -145. ✅
  • Oilers puck line at +145. ✅
  • Oilers to win and over 5.5 total goals at +140.
And there you have it, friends. Now you know what I’m betting on and how I did last game. As always, I put one unit down on each bet. Hit me up in the comments section to let me know what you’re looking at against the Kraken.
It’s also worth noting that betting lines move throughout the day, so that may be the reason why what’s listed above doesn’t match what’s on Betway when you put together your own bets.

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