Helping Robin Brownlee’s Family

Jason Gregor
5 months ago
Hello Nation. As many of you know, Robin Brownlee passed away suddenly this past Thursday morning, leaving a major void in the life and heart of his family.
On Thursday, I wrote about Brownlee’s passing and the kind of amazing person he was:
Robin was a big man. He could be gruff, but he also was incredibly loving and gentle. Most of our memorable conversations were about family, not sports. He had some great sports stories, but what really made him excited and happy was talking about his family. Meeting Analyn Augustin was life-changing for Robin as a man. It led to him becoming a father, and he was a great husband and father. His priorities changed when he became a father, and for the better. Robin used to be driven to chase down a lead or break a story, and he was very good at it, but becoming a father later in life, at age 48, changed his priorities.
He admitted at times it was difficult not being on the beat daily, but he’d always tell me he was much happier being able to be home and be around his boys. He introduced Analyn, Sam and Michael to his love of cars and music. He and Michael shared a love for music. Sam was really into basketball, and in the past few years, he’d dominate his old man on the court. Robin laughs about how he could see the day coming when Sam would school him. Many fathers do, and Robin looked forward to it.
He told me one of his greatest joys in life was just watching Sam play basketball. He shared the same birthday as Sam, August 16th, and Robin wrote many articles about Sam being a miracle baby. You can read this one when Sam was five and this one when Sam turned 12, and Robin 60, is great as well. Mainly because I love the picture of the two of them. It exudes love.
We have created a GoFundme to help with funeral expenses and for Sam’s University aspirations.
Any donation is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
You can click here to donate.

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