It’s time for the 7th annual Oilersnation Open and you’re all invited to join us

21 days ago
Welcome, dearest Internet friends, to one of my favourite announcements of the year. Today, I’m here to invite you to the seventh annual Oilersnation Open, which will be held at the Mill Woods Golf Course on Friday, August 30th, in support of Gregor’s Grads, and you’re all invited to join us.
If there is one day every summer that I love the most, it’s when we take over the Mill Woods Golf Course and compete in the Oilersnation Open with the best friends the Internet could ever offer. When we first started doing these tournaments nearly a decade ago, we didn’t really know what they could be or what the turnout would look like. What we learned is that there is no better way to spend a Friday than taking a few hacks in the sun with your fellow Nation Citizens, and it’s been incredible to see so many of the same faces coming back year after year.
The ONO is the event I look forward to most on our calendar every summer, and I cannot even begin to express how much I think you should join us. Whether you can golf or not doesn’t matter—it’s not about that, even though we do have prizes for winning. The point of this tournament is to get everyone together for a fantastic day on the golf course while we raise money for Gregor’s Grads. From my perspective, there’s no better way to spend the Friday leading into the long weekend.
If you’ve made it this far, I know that you’re interested in joining us — you should be because this tournament is a blast — but I must warn you that space in the tourney is limited and will sell out. I tell folks every year that procrastination will be your downfall if you want to sign up, and there are always people who regret not submitting a team when they had the chance. To be blunt about it: If you wait to submit your team, you will miss out.

Shut up and give me the details!

I’m sure you’ve had enough of my rambling about why you should be at this golf tournament at this point, so I’ll just shut my mouth and give you the details you need to know.
When – August 30th, 2024 (Friday) with a 8 AM start
Where – Mill Woods Golf Course
How much – $1200/team, Single Entries are also available
Teams – Groups of Four (4)
HowBook your team here
After you wrap up your round, a banquet will be held in the clubhouse where we’ll all enjoy a dinner together to make sure that the temple is fed for rest of the weekend. Not only will you enjoy a delicious meal, but we’ll also be giving away a bunch of prizes during the banquet to supplement all of the hole activations that will be happening on the course.

The Gregor Foundation

If you’re looking for even more reasons to join us, a portion of all proceeds from your ticket purchase will be donated directly to a local charity. This time around we’ve partnered up with the Gregor Foundation to make sure that our kids are at their most handsome. What is the Gregor Foundation?
As always, a portion of all proceeds from your ticket purchase will be donated directly to a local charity. And just as we do every year, we’ve partnered with the Gregor Foundation to raise some cash and ensure that our kids are at their most handsome on their big day. So what is the Gregor Foundation?
The Gregor Foundation was started in 2014 by Jason and Traci Gregor after seeing a need to help. The Foundation provides a new suit for graduation complete with shirt, tie, shoes and socks to less fortunate high school students in Edmonton and area. We work closely with high school counsellors who identify and qualify the students who are in need.
High school can be a challenging time for any young person, but for those students whose families are experiencing severe financial difficulties, simply getting the basic necessities to enable them to attend their own graduation can be very difficult, if not impossible. High school students’ needs often go unnoticed in the community as these students try to blend in and are very private regarding their financial situation. These young men are often forgotten when it comes to receiving much-needed assistance.
“Gregor’s Grads” was formed to fill this gap and provide a helping hand for these deserving students. We believe that by providing financially-challenged students with a sense of normalcy and enabling them to participate in graduation will foster pride, self-esteem and allow them to move forward to the next phase in their lives with wonderful memories and a new suit they can call their own.
Mr. Derks has been a major partner since day one. Their clothing experts fit and tailor all the suits so the boys look great. Mr. Derks uses their connections in the clothing industry so we can fit each grad with their new ensemble for an average of $250.00.
Submit your team here.

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