Laing on Air: Will the Oilers exact revenge on the Canucks?

Zach Laing
6 months ago
Happy Friday, pals.
Earlier this afternoon, I hopped Canucks Talk on Sportsnet 650 with Thomas Drance and Jamie Dodd, and talked shop about what on earth happened with the Edmonton Oilers Wednesday and what’s ahead this weekend. For those who buried it deep in your brains, sorry for bringing it back up.
If you watched the game or read The Day After, you know how frustrating that game was. The Oilers were wildly unprepared, and credit where its due to Brock Boeser, who scored four goals, and the rest of the Canucks, because boy did they come to play. I don’t inherently think that Vancouver’s going to be a great team, nor do I think they make the playoffs, but a start to the season like that certainly raises some eyebrows.
The boys over at 650 asked me about my thoughts on the Oilers’ defence, particularly Mattias Ekholm, who’s been nothing short of excellent for the team since he was acquired in a trade last February. In my eyes, his ability to help calm the Oilers’ defence has made him such a big addition. I mean, come on. Did you see how flustered they were Wednesday night? Not great! Thankfully, it looks like the Oilers will be getting him back in the lineup on Saturday night, so that will be a big addition.
Long story short, I think the Canucks are going to be in for a rude awakening on Saturday night against the Oilers. I have a hard time imagining Edmonton coming out flat. We’ve seen the likes of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl play pissed off before, and I think that’s what’s coming this weekend.
You can listen to my appearance below, if you are so gracious as to tune in. My hit on the show kicks off at the 29-minute mark, so get your ear holes ready.

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