NHL Draft Odds ahead of the first round

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1 year ago
The NHL Entry Draft starts tonight at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with eager prospects from around the globe waiting and hoping to be selected in the hopes of altering the franchise’s path forward.
While there is little doubt about who the Chicago Blackhawks will be selecting first overall — Connor Bedard has been highly touted as the league’s best prospect for a handful of years — the rest of the first round is anything but certain. While many mock drafts feature the same names with some degree of variation in the order, there is certainly room for discussion when it comes to sports bettors. Depending on the team and need, there are plenty of options at play with the odds for each player varying widely.
With the first round only hours away, the draft order is set ahead of any trades in what has been labeled one of the deepest drafts in recent memory. The order:
1. Chicago Blackhawks
2. Anaheim Ducks
3. Columbus Blue Jackets
4. San Jose Sharks
5. Montreal Canadiens
6. Arizona Coyotes
7. Philadelphia Flyers
8. Washington Capitals
9. Detroit Red Wings
10. St. Louis Blues
11. Vancouver Canucks
12. Arizona Coyotes (from OTT)
13. Buffalo Sabres
14. Pittsburgh Penguins
15. Nashville Predators
16. Calgary Flames
17. Detroit Red Wings (from NYI via VAN)
18. Winnipeg Jets
19. Chicago Blackhawks (from TB)
20. Seattle Kraken
21. Minnesota Wild
22. Philadelphia Flyers (from LA via CBJ)
23. New York Rangers
24. Nashville Predators (from EDM)
25. St. Louis Blues (from TOR)
26. San Jose Sharks (from NJ)
27. Colorado Avalanche
28. Toronto Maple Leafs (from BOS via WSH)
29. St. Louis Blues (from DAL via NYR)
30. Carolina Hurricanes
31. Montreal Canadiens (from FLA)
32. Vegas Golden Knights


Below you will find the odds as of this morning for the NHL Entry Draft provided by Betway.

2nd Overall (Outright Winner) — Anaheim Ducks:

  • Adam Fantilli at -556
  • Leo Carlsson at +300
  • Will Smith at +1400
  • Matvei Mitchkov at +1600
  • Zach Benson at +2800

3rd Overall (Outright Winner) — Columbus Blue Jackets:

  • Leo Carlsson at -256
  • Will Smith at +250
  • Adam Fantilli at +550
  • Matvei Mitchkov at +1600
  • Zach Benson at +2500

4th overall (Outright Winner) – San Jose Sharks

  • Will Smith at -175
  • Leo Carlsson at +220
  • Matvei Mitchkov at +400
  • David Reinbacher+650
  • Adam Fantilli at +2500

5th overall (Outright Winner) – Montreal Canadiens

  • Ryan Leonard +175
  • David Reinbacher+200
  • Matvei Mitchkov at +275
  • Will Smith at -175
  • Dalibor Dvorsky at +850

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