Reverse Retro Jersey Winners and Losers

1 year ago
Even though we’ve known what the Oilers’ reverse retro jersey was going to look like for weeks now, the NHL officially released the new unis for all 32 teams today so I figure I would run through some of the winners and losers from the big reveal.
In partnership with Adidas, the NHL finally announced the second wave of Reverse Retro jerseys with a coordinated drop of videos across all of the team accounts, and after a successful first run in 2021, I was curious to see what everyone came up with. Unsurprisingly, there were teams that nailed the spirit and execution of the exercise while others should be embarrassed about the shitacular garments they’ll be forcing their players to wear.


Every contest needs a winner and I’ve got a list of teams here that I think did the best job of understanding the assignment.
  • Edmonton Oilers: I know some people don’t like this jersey but I’m actually into it. I do wish they would have brought the OG colours back if they were going to run with Todd McFarlane’s design, but I think these are going to look pretty sharp on the ice.
  • Los Angeles Kings: Purple and yellow belong together. Great kit.
  • San Jose Sharks: The California Golden Seals looked cool as hell and I like that the Sharks went with this look for their reverse retros. The Colour scheme is awesome.
  • New York Islanders: I love the Captain Highliner logo, I think it’s hilarious, and I’m so happy the Islanders brought it back. I love it.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: There is nothing not to like about these classic Penguins unis. Fantastic.
  • Washington Capitals: I liked this Capitals logo back in the 90s and I never really understood why they got away from it because the eagle is bad ass and way more fun than the team name with a hockey stick.
  • Boston Bruins: I think the Pooh Bear logo has a friendly face and the accents at the bottom of the sweaters fit in nicely.
  • Vancouver Canucks: The Johnny Canuck logo is pretty cool and I actually like the blue and green colours, so there’s a lot to like about the Vancouver retros. I like the logo, I like the colours, and I like the lacing up top. Very nice.
  • Florida Panthers: Even though I think the Panthers jerseys look like a Capri Sun juice box, I love the colours and that they took a totally different approach with the palm tree hockey stick logo.
  • Colorado Avalanche: I really like the clean design they ran with and the shout to the Colorado Rockies. They’ve already done the Nordiques so taking it back a step even further was a nice touch.
  • Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks: I loved the movies when I was growing up and I love that they’re bringing this logo and colour scheme back. Nostalgia train go WOOO-WOOO.


Title says it all. These jerseys are okay and nothing more.
  • Vegas Golden Knights: Definition of “meh.” I like that it glows in the dark, but the rest is pretty boring IMO.
  • New York Rangers: The Statue of Liberty logo has always been cool but that’s about all these jerseys have going for them. If I’m being honest, they’re kinda boring but not horrible enough to end up on the losers list.
  • Buffalo Sabres: The super slug is back and he’s just as weird as the first time around. What saves these jerseys are the colours that Buffalo chose to take the focus away from the Buffaslug.
  • Detroit Red Wings: I don’t mind Detroit’s jerseys but I also can’t help but think they look like the target logo.
  • Chicago Blackhawks: Tell me the difference between what Detroit and Chicago did? You can’t.
  • Minnesota Wild: I like the North Stars colours but they stuck with their current logo. Marks deducted.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: I don’t even know where to put these because they basically just put their abbreviated name on the front and called it a day.
  • Ottawa Senators: Pretty sure these are the exact uniforms they wore on their Cup run, right? The colours and logo work obviously work but I don’t think they were overly creative in putting these together.
  • Arizona Coyotes: I love this logo but I’m not quite sure about the jersey colour. Maybe it’ll grow on me?
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: If dry toast was a reverse retro design, these jerseys would be that dry toast.


As with anything in life, there has to be a loser(s) in the Reverse Retro game and I’ve put together a list of teams that I personally think did the worst job on their new design.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Are they really going to get away with releasing the exact same jersey that they do every year and expect people to buy it? I mean, this is the equivalent of handing in your homework at the very last minute because you know damned well that they have that logo stored for times just like this.
  • Calgary Flames: These are horrible. The weird plateau thing looks odd and even though I know it’s supposed to be a shout out to the Olympics from back in the day, absolutely nobody knows that unless they do some digging.
  • Seattle Kraken: I know that the Kraken don’t have a history in the NHL yet and that’s why they went with a tribute to the Seattle Metropolitans, but they would have moved way more units had they run with the Seattle Supersonics logo instead.
  • Nashville Predators: Why anyone would want to wear a yellow jersey is beyond me. I like the Sabretooth logo but that is it.
  • Montreal Canadiens: Do something different ffs. You’re boring.
  • St. Louis Blues: The music note looks like it was placed there by accident and it’s ruining these jerseys for my brain. Also, they’re yellow. Not as bad as the Predators’ yellow but still too close to a spicy dijon for me.
  • New Jersey Devils: The devil will always be cool but the colours look like they gave a child a box of crayons and told him to fill in the blanks.
  • Dallas Stars: The Dallas Stars are losers because these jerseys remind me of all those playoff series from back in the late 90s/early 2000s.
  • Philadelphia Flyers: I actually like the jersey but hate that they teased us with the Cooperalls even though they’re apparently not allowed to wear them for safety reasons.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: What the hell is going on here? There is so much going on with these jerseys that I don’t even know where to start on describing why these suck. I guess I’ll go with the weird rain drops (???) first before landing on the arm flames.

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