Oilersnation Everyday: Grading Jay Woodcroft & Zack Kassian is bought out

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Liam Horrobin
9 months ago
Former Edmonton Oilers forward Zack Kassian was placed on waiver today for the purpose of a buyout by the Arizona Coyotes. It was right around 12 months again that the Oilers moved Kassian to the Coyotes and unfortunately for Kassian, it didn’t work out. Now that he is a free agent again, should the Oilers look to bring back Kassian? Tyler Yaremchuk and Liam Horrobin will look at and see if this is a good option for them with their Sherwood Ford GIANT off-season question.
Also on the show, there is one final report card to hand out. Now that all the players are out of the way, it is Jay Woodcroft’s turn to hear Tyler and Liam’s thoughts. Overall, a very good regular season from Woodcroft but should they have performed better in the playoffs? Let the guys know your thoughts on the Oilersnation YouTube channel in the live chat.
Finally, the trade machine went for another spin and landed on a name that the Oilers have been reported to be interested in. Unfortunately, this trade does not involve the Oilers but instead the Arizona Coyotes.

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