Oilersnation Everyday: Record hunting in Las Vegas

Photo credit:Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Liam Horrobin
4 months ago
The Edmonton Oilers are finally back in action tonight following their bye week and the NHL All Star break. They’re down in Vegas seeking out their 17th win in a row, which would tie a league record set by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the early nineties.
Can they get it done? Let Tyler Yaremchuk and Liam Horrobin know in the Charm Diamonds Centre YouTube live chat. Throughout the show, Tyler and Liam will check in with the chats questions, comments and concerns surrounding the Oilers as well as life.
Today’s show is also a Sherwood Ford GIANT Pre Game edition which means Jay Downton is around. With Jay, the three of them will preview tonights game versus the Vegas Golden Knights. Along with that, the game day challenge continues presented of Betway. Jay has the lead but Liam is quickly catching up with him. Can Liam take the lead tonight?
The trade machine goes for a spin today too, presented by Servus Credit Union. For today’s mock trade, the trade machine spat out a deal that gives the Oilers a new middle six winger adding a little more scoring to the lineup. Should the Oilers make this trade? When you see it, leave your thoughts in the Charm Diamond Centres YouTube live chat.
You can expect all of that and more on Oilersnation Everyday.
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