Oilersnation places Zach Laing on long-term injured reserve

Zach Laing
11 months ago
Oilersnation has placed news director and senior columnist Zach Laing on the long-term injured reserve, the site announced Tuesday.
Laing, 26, is now in his second year full-time at the Nation and is expected to undergo right knee surgery Wednesday morning.
“Zach’s been an integral part of our team for some time, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what he can do when he returns,” site editor BaggedMilk said in a statement.
Laing suffered the knee injury as part of wear and tear from Osgood-Schlatter disease sustained as a teenager. When Laing tried to get active again last summer, the injury got worse resulting in him suffering a torn patella tendon.
“It’s a tough injury to have gone through and these last few months have been difficult,” said Laing. “But I’m looking forward to getting this fixed now so I can return in even better shape after.”
With Laing about to be on a heavy amount of painkillers, he is expected to miss the next two weeks of content posting. In his wake, Cam Lewis will be stepping up to the plate to handle The Day After articles.
“I fully trust Cooom with The Day After and I know it’s in good hands,” said Laing. “His tip-top analysis will continue to bring #good #content to the readers of Oilersnation.”
Clips and Quotes articles will be temporarily put on hold, as will Laing’s usual work posting both clips and quotes on Twitter during games.
Laing is expected to return to the writing lineup ahead of the Edmonton Oilers’ season finale.

Zach Laing is the Nation Network’s news director and senior columnist. He can be followed on Twitter at @zjlaing, or reached by email at zach@oilersnation.com.

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