Oilersnation Radio: A #NationVacation Recap, McDavid at the Junos, and an Ottawa Senators preview

11 months ago
We’re back from Toronto, the boys blew another lead, and the Nation’s 15th Birthday party is right around the corner, which means we had plenty to talk about on the brand new Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio. On today’s show, we quickly recapped the #NationVacation, the sting of that loss to Toronto, and a whole lot more
To kick off this week’s Tuesday podcast, we got started with a look at the 15 games that are left on the season and what we need the boys to polish up down the stretch. Whether it’s closing out wins, firming up the PK, or avoiding costly giveaways, there is a long list of items the Oilers can definitely firm up. From there, Tyler and I recapped the #NationVacation to Toronto and how we had an amazing time in the Six despite the results from Saturday’s game. Changing gears, we looked ahead at tonight’s matchup against the Ottawa Senators and what the Oilers need to do to ensure they get back in the win column. Needless to say, all of us expect that the Oilers come into this game against the Sens with a chip on their shoulder. Lastly, we wrapped up the Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio with another fascinating edition of Word Association before spending another 10 minutes talking about complete nonsense.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of ON Radio below:
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