Oilersnation Radio Episode 137 – Koskinen, Line combos, and the McChase for 100

2 years ago
Happy Friday, everybody! For the second time this week, we’re back with a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio to get you set for the weekend with all of the Oilers takes and news that you could ever hope to have. This week, we looked at Smith and Puljujarvi’s comeback seasons, Mikko Koskinen’s new record, playoff matchups, and a whole lot more.
To kick off this week’s episode, we jumped in with a look at two players that have had impressive comeback seasons with the Oilers after what happened in in 2019-20. Seeing as the Oilers have a few players that have played incredibly well, we spent a few minutes talking about which Edmonton Oiler has been the most impressive so far. From there, we jumped into the conversation that everyone was having this morning after Mikko Koskinen allowed four straight goals on the first four shots of the game, and whether or not it is a major deal in the grand scheme of things. We also took a few guesses at when the Oilers may go back to Koskinen after was undoubtedly a horrible night for the big Finn. Changing gears, we looked at the last four games on the Oilers schedule and whether or not there’s anything left to play for outside of the McCentury chase. Sticking with the Oilers, we also looked at some of the new line combinations that came out in practice and whether or not it makes sense to change things up after only one loss. Lastly, we wrapped up this week’s podcast with another look at the McCentury and whether or no he’ll hit the 100 point plateau this weekend or if we’ll be waiting a little bit longer.
Listen to this week’s episode of Oilersnation Radio below:
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