Oilersnation Radio: Liam solves the salary cap, Jayden Grubbe, and way too much mascot talk

10 months ago
The Oilers’ offseason rages on, the Stanley Cup Finals kick off on Saturday, and the Leafs hired Brad Treliving as their new GM, which means we’ve got plenty to talk about on this week’s episode of Oilersnation Radio.
To kick off the Friday episode of ONR, we started with a debate about four different Oiler players and ranked which are the most likely to be back with the team for the 2023-24 season. That led Liam to play a little armchair GM as he decided he would single handedly solve the Oilers’ cap situation. Unfortunately, Tyler did not agree with Liam’s work and they went back and forth for a few minutes to talk things through. From there, we looked at the minor trade that the Oilers made this week that saw the team send a 5th round pick to the New York Rangers in exchange for Jayden Grubbe. Somehow, that led us to talk about the Mascot Hall of Fame for way too long despite not really having much to say about it other than talking pure nonsense. From there, we tried to get the podcast back on track with some talk about Brad Treliving landing in Toronto, Kyle Dubas in Pittsburgh, and the Stanley Cup Finals kicking off tomorrow, but the reality is that it didn’t work very well. It seems like the last thing any of us wanted to do was talk about hockey. Lastly, we wrapped up the podcast with another edition of Word Association, Ask the Idiots, and Hot and Cold Performers before wrapping things up and heading off into the sunset.
Listen to the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio below:
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