Oilersnation Radio: Oilers need a rebound effort in Game 2

1 month ago
It’s Friday afternoon and the Oilers are hours away from taking on the Canucks for Game 2, and that meant an on-the-road edition of Oilersnation Radio to preview the evening and recap what went wrong on Wednesday.
We started the podcast with a delicious debate about why we should remain optimistic ahead of Game 2 even though things went horribly wrong on Wednesday in Game 1. From the Oilers’ ability to rebound after a bad night to Connor McDavid being held shotless, there were details from the first game in this series that are unlikely to repeat for two straight games.
Looking back on Game 1, we talked about the way the Oilers collapsed in the third period and how they need to keep pushing forward rather than trying to lock things down. When you’re up against a skilled team like the Vancouver Canucks, sitting back to try and ride the clock out is a risky move.
Finally, we wrapped up the podcast with another round of Ask the Idiots and Hot and Cold Performers before offering our score predictions ahead of Game 2. After a tough loss on Wednesday, this on-the-road episode of Oilersnation Radio was a blast to record, and we all hope you had just as much fun listening as we did making it.
Listen to the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio below:
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