Oilersnation Radio: Oilers on the brink of elimination

1 month ago
After an abysmal effort by the Oilers over the final 40 minutes of Game 5, today’s episode of Oilersnation Radio was a tough one for all of us to record. Needless to say, we thought the second episode of ONR of the week was going to be a lot happier than it ended up being, but that’s the NHL playoffs for you.
We started the Friday episode of ONR with a delicious debate about what we expect the Oilers to do better in Game 6 than they did last night in Vancouver. Given that the team played as poorly as they did at Rogers Arena, there are plenty of areas where the Oilers can improve, and we tried to outline as many of those spots as possible.
Changing gears, we looked at the goaltending decision that’s coming for Game 6. A lot of Oilers fans would easily go back to Pickard after his performance in Vancouver, but does that mean Kris Knoblauch will feel the same way? Regardless of what decision he makes, there will be plenty of pressure on either guy to come through with a clutch performance.
Lastly, we wrapped up the Friday episode of ONR with another round of Ask the Idiots and Hot and Cold Performers before wrapping up the podcast with some score predictions ahead of Game 6 against the Vancouver Canucks. As always, the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio was a blast to record, and we all hope you had just as much fun listening as we did making it.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio below:
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