Oilersnation Radio: Oilers vs. Vegas preview and the NHL doesn’t know how schedules work

1 year ago
The Oilers are getting set to kick off their second round series against the Vegas Golden Knights, which means we’ve got plenty to talk about on the Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio.
To kick off the podcast, we got started with a debate about the five key points for the Oilers to win this series against Vegas. Whether it’s goaltending or special teams or star power, there are plenty of reasons to believe that this thing could go in Edmonton’s favour. Provided the Oilers play up to their potential, all of us on the podcast believe that this is a series the boys can have but by no means will it be easy. From there, we looked at the NHL’s inability to get their schedules set after news broke that the Oilers game would be moving from Friday to Saturday. Seeing as Tyler and I are heading down to Vegas tomorrow morning, having this scheduling change happen the day before Game 1 is incredibly inconvenient. Lastly, we wrapped up the Tuesday episode of ONR with a look around the NHL Playoffs and we gave our predictions on what we think will happen with the four remaining series.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of ON Radio below:
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