Oilersnation Radio: The Oilers are down but definitely not out

1 year ago
The Oilers coughed up Game 1 to the Los Angeles Kings in spectacular fashion, which means we’ve got plenty to talk about on the Tuesday episode of Oilersnation Radio.
To kick off the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio, we got started with a look at how concerned we are about the Oilers dropping Game 1 of their series against the Los Angeles Kings. As you’ll hear, none of us on the podcast are overly concerned about the series just yet but that could very well change depending on what happens tomorrow. Diving into the details of that loss, we looked at some of the numbers that went against the Oilers and contributed to their collapse. Whether it was the needless penalties or questionable choices with the puck, the boys almost beat themselves more so than the Kings were able to beat them. With that out of the way, we changed gears to look ahead at Wednesday and what the boys need to do to right the ship. From there, we also looked around the league at some of the other series that are happening to discuss some of the big stories that came out on night one of the NHL playoffs.
Listen to the Tuesday episode of ON Radio below:
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