Oilersnation Radio: The Oilers’ biggest enemy is the Edmonton Oilers

7 months ago
We’ve all got a busy Tuesday on the books, so we jumped on Zoom for a late-Monday edition of Oilersnation Radio to recap the loss to the Florida Panthers.
Kicking off the podcast, the guys started with a recap of the 5-3 loss to the Florida Panthers and how it was another frustrating loss resulting from bad luck and poor special teams. But what was the most frustrating part about that game? The list is endless, unfortunately. One of the biggest issues right now has to be the power play, which has been historically clutch but is anything but so far this season. Is it a problem with the personnel? Do they need to try something new? Changing gears, we looked at the latest goaltending rumours surrounding the Oilers’ goaltending situation after Elliotte Friedman reported that the team has been heavily scouting the Montreal Canadiens. But do either of Montreal’s available goaltenders tickle your fancy, especially given the assets you’d have to give up to acquire them? Lastly, we wrapped up the late night edition of ONR by guessing whether or not the Oilers will actually be able to make a goalie trade given their need and how the rest of the league is most certainly uninterested in helping them.
Listen to the Monday episode of Oilersnation Radio below:
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