Oilersnation Radio: Where do the Oilers go from here?

7 months ago
It’s Friday afternoon, the Oilers racked up another painful loss due to mistakes last night against the Stars, and we’re back with a fresh episode of Oilersnation Radio to try and make sense of why this is happening. Unfortunately, things aren’t going so well right now after yet another loss led Oilers fans to walk off the ledge.
To kick off the podcast, we got into our delicious debate about what’s likely to come first: a coaching change, a goalie trade, or all of the above. Seeing as the list of things going wrong is endless, it was hard to figure out which of those options would help the most. We then looked at last night’s game against the San Jose Sharks and argued whether that loss was rock bottom or not. Once again, the Oilers outshot their opponent by a 2:1 margin, but they couldn’t score on MacKenzie Blackwood at the rate they needed to cover up their mistakes. For some reason, the team that scored the most goals in the NHL last season can’t get anything done, and the frustration is indescribable. Changing gears, we had the opportunity to speak with Jack Campbell after his first AHL start, and to read his quotes was genuinely depressing. Not only that, but Soup allowed four goals on 20 shots, including an absolute stinker that started to make the rounds around Twitter. Lastly, we closed out the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio with another round of Hot and Cold performers to wrap up the week.
Listen to the Friday episode of Oilersnation Radio below:
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