Oilersnation simulates the 2023 NHL playoffs

By Woz
11 months ago
Before the playoffs begin, there’s nothing more enjoyable or stressful depending on how you look at it than firing up NHL 23 and putting the simulation machine into action. If this sim is anywhere accurate, we are in for a rollercoaster of a playoff run in Edmonton. For this simulation, I didn’t make any changes to lineups. Used EA’s latest rosters, let the game do its thing, and see how far the Edmonton Oilers will go in the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Round 1

The first round went as smoothly as it could. It starts with a good omen, Edmonton defeating LA 6-5. I say good omen mostly because the Oilers haven’t had the best of luck in Game 1’s in recent years. Game 2 is a close one but not as a high-scoring affair with the Oilers winning 2-1. The series then shifts to Los Angeles where Stuart Skinner shuts the door and the Oilers win 1-0 in Game 3. Does anyone have a sweep on the cards? Because Game 4 ends up going to overtime, Edmonton wins it 5-4 and sweeps the LA Kings. Connor McDavid continues to be a clutch performer by scoring the winning goal, once again.
There was an upset in the West in Round 1. Surprisingly, the Seattle Kraken eliminated the Colorado Avalanche in seven games. Fingers crossed we see the same happen in a few weeks here.

Round 2

In Round 2 the Oilers will be taking on the Vegas Golden Knights. Make sure to pay attention when doing a simulation because I skipped over Game 1 a little too quickly, regardless Edmonton takes Game 1. The good vibes rolled over into Game 2 as the Oilers blow the Golden Knights 4-1. Game 3 on the other hand was the complete opposite, the Golden Knights take a 4-0 win and make it a series.
Game 4 is a little more exciting with Edmonton and Vegas heading into overtime only for Kailer Yamamoto to win it and give the Oilers a 3-1 series lead.
Vegas made sure to put up a fight and win 3-2 in Game 5, forcing a sixth game. Once again McDavid comes up clutch, scoring a huge goal in the third period to give Edmonton the lead and eliminate the Golden Knights in six games!

Round 3

As most of us have predicted, the Oilers are Western Conference Finals bound. This time, they face a different opponent. The Dallas Stars, an old rival from the early 2000s and late 90s. It’s Jason Robertson Vs Connor McDavid. In game 1, the Edmonton Oilers roll the Stars 5-2. Great start to the series. Dallas ties the series immediately with a close 4-3 victory in Game 2. The Stars won’t make life easy for the Oilers as Game 3 is a back-and-forth affair with Dallas winning 4-3 yet again, in Game 3.
We have a series on our hands. Game 4 sees Vincent Desharnais score his first goal for the Oilers and Edmonton wins 4-1. The Oilers then decide to send a message to the Stars and win 7-4 in Game 5 and put themselves one win from the Stanley Cup Final. And once again I fail to pay attention and quickly sim Game 6 where Dallas wins it and forces a Game 7 in Round 3.
One of the most intense Game 7’s we could get. McDavid gives the Oilers an early 3-2 lead in the third period, and Dallas ties minutes later. Only for Nick Bjugstad to win the game and send the Edmonton Oilers to the Stanley Cup Final.

Round 4

Welcome to the Stanley Cup Final where the Oilers take on what seems to be the NHL’s final boss at this point. The Tampa Bay Lightning. This is where things get crazy. Game 1 goes to the Lightning, 2-1. A close one. Tampa then crushes Edmonton in Game 2, blowing them out 7-1. At this point, Oilers fans may be losing hope.
Edmonton responds the best way possible with a 5-0 shutout in Game 3, series on. The Lightning decides to test the Oilers by going up 3-0 after the first period in Game 4. Edmonton responds by putting on a clinic in the second period and making it a 4-4 game. Darnell Nurse wins the game, scoring arguably the biggest goal of his career. Edmonton wins 5-4 in Game 4.
Series tied, we head into Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final where the Oilers put themselves in the driver’s seat with a blowout victory, 5-2, and are one win away from lifting the Stanley Cup. Tampa has other plans as they force a Game 7 and win 5-3 in Game 6.
Prepare to witness the most insane seventh game in NHL history. As I sim through the first few minutes, Edmonton gives themselves a nice 4-2 lead in the second period. We jump into the game forgetting I made periods 20 minutes long. So for the next 25 minutes, I’m watching CPU’s battle it out in Game 7.
And it was arguably the most intense bit of hockey I’ve seen in a video game. This is the definition of a rollercoaster as we end up having a 6-5 game before heading into the third period.
Only in NHL 23 could this happen, right? the third is even crazier. Nuge scores a quick goal in the third to make it 7-5, giving himself a hat-trick as well. As soon as you think the Oilers are safe, Tampa responds. We have a 7-6 game with 10 minutes remaining. Oh don’t worry, they end up making it 7-7. Heart rates would be through the roof in Edmonton if this was real. Honestly, I’d want to throw up.
Fortunately, Leon Draisaitl would be the hero for the Oilers as he would score the game-winning goal with 3:11 left in the third. We have an 8-7 game.
And with 30 seconds remaining, McDavid scores an empty net and Vincent Desharnais scores a goal you’ll only see in NHL 23 after his slap-shot deflects off Vasilevskiy up into the air and falls behind him into the net. You can’t write a weirder script for Game 7 and your Edmonton Oilers are the 2023 Stanley Cup Champions after a thrilling 10-7 victory to secure Lord Stanley.

Wrap Up:

I don’t even know what to say. This was arguably the most ridiculous simulation. Yes, the Oilers lifted the Stanley Cup but to have a 10-7 scoreline in Game 7? Only in a video game could we ever see that happening. Connor McDavid takes home the Conn Smythe with seven goals and 17 assists. Little low compared to what he put up in the 2022 playoffs.

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The oddest part I found about the whole Stanley Cup presentation in this game is that they had Oscar Klefboms name written on the Cup. Don’t know if EA knows that you need to play games in the season in which a team wins it for your name to be on it.
Draisaitl put up 26 points and Nuge with 25 in this Cup Run. Darnell Nurse played a huge part and earning that contract of his with seven goals through the playoffs. Also, Stuart Skinner puts up a .900 save percentage and a 3.00 goals-against average.
I’m praying the final result of this sim happens at the end of June. However, I hope it goes NOTHING like this as I’m not sure if we’d be able to mentally survive.

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