Questions for Quinn: Is the reporter still there?

Quinn Phillips
11 months ago
Can you watch Oilers games for entertainment or does your “reporter mind” kick in at some point and you start gathering information and constructing the narrative?
Thank you Electronic Jordan for the question on Twitter.
The answer isn’t that straight forward and I’m going to be 100% honest with you all… as per usual. When I wrapped up my time in local TV I was really feeling drained and sports was really starting to feel like a ‘job’ for me. I really took quite a cleansing period and barely watched sports and when I did, I made sure that it was because I wanted to and not because I ‘should’ or ‘have to.’
Now I’m back to always wanting to watch sports, and sometimes I really draw up a narrative in my head and sometimes I’m just drinking beer and doing laundry or cruising Twitter and taking in the narrative that other people are talking about. That one is fun because I can laugh at the opinions that are ridiculous and think of all the ways that I would subtly make fun of it if I was doing a sportscast. Yes, that’s right I slid in as many inside jokes and subtle pokes as much as I could.
Do you wanna know what else I love? When I’m at the games, I don’t feel the pressure to see every minute of play. I hate missing a lot, don’t get me wrong, but if I’m in line to get a slice of ‘za or a drink, I’m not freaking out or frustrated that I’m missing some of the action. I don’t feel the pressure of people seeing me and thinking ‘she’s not very good at her job if she’s not watching.’ I can socialize at games and enjoy them from a different perspective. And hey, as you can see by the photo the view from my seats is almost as high as the press box… feel right at home!
Where I do have a hard time letting go is in the storytelling. That was what I loved and when I see potential stories come up, I think of all the ways I could tell the story, what questions I’d ask, what video I’d want to use. I also get frustrated when I know about a great story but it’s not told the way I would tell it. I really miss meeting those special people with the special stories that I’m lucky enough to tell. That was always something I loved so much about the job, not necessarily the pro athletes but the amateur athletes that had great things to say and, well, they wanted to speak to media and were excited when I was there! Who doesn’t want to be loved and appreciated?
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