Questions for Quinn: Review of Rogers Place

Quinn Phillips
1 year ago
What are your favourite attributes of Rogers Place?
This is an interesting one for me, because full disclosure with all its faults, I absolutely loved the Coliseum. I grew up there. In the last game played at Rexall Place I sobbed for the final minute when Mark Lewis, the PA announcer said “last minute of play at Rexall Place.” After the game, at the VIP party, I told Taylor Hall I sobbed and he replied with “why it’s just a building?” Absolutely logical Taylor, but you’ve hopped aboard the emotional rollercoaster that is my life, Hallsy, so hold on tight.
That building was home to the best bar in the city… the club level bar right outside the Oilers dressing room. Was there a better place on a Saturday night? We don’t have that vibe as much anymore and when I started thinking about this question, I desperately started to miss trying my hardest to get a drink at that bar after a game. There’d be people you tried to avoid, people you were dying to see and those you hadn’t seen in forever. It was equal to Cowboys on a Thursday night (25 cent draft for LYFE amirite?!?!)
But with that said, there’s no denying we needed a new building.
It starts with the location; I absolutely love having that building downtown. I’m so excited to see what is to come of Ice District and how it’ll change the game-day experience (maybe somewhere can replace that club bar at Northlands?) I also love that there are crowds of people walking and from the game together, under the lights of the neon sign museum.
Some people consider it wasted space, but I love Ford Hall. It probably comes from one of my favourite memories from the playoffs in 2017 and all the excitement that public area held. I also love the views from Ford Hall down 104 Ave. when the sun is setting before a game. I’ve taken so many photos there because every spring I’m just mesmerized by it, but don’t judge because I don’t think that’s my best one.
Consider me super strange, but another favourite is the view when you look over to Ford Hall from the top level of the building, it’s a pretty cool view.
Best place to sit? I haven’t sat everywhere, but I’d say loge is pretty awesome for a number of reasons, one being that you can order beers and when you come back from an intermission cruise on the concourse, they’re waiting at the table.
The best part for media? An elevator right up to the press box and a bathroom. It makes me laugh thinking back to my dad having to go on to the concourse in between the second and third periods.
Best banner hanging? Don’t ask stupid questions (nobody asked that question), it’s 3542.
It’s definitely time to create a lot more memories at Rogers Place to really develop a love for it; with the way the Oilers are going right now hopefully, we’ll get that chance. It helps they’re finally winning at home.
We need concerts back too! Who do you wanna see at Rogers Place?
What are some of your favourite parts of Rogers Place? Or your favourite part about being inside Rogers Place?

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