Questions for Quinn: Where are you?

Quinn Phillips
1 year ago
We came out of the game hot, folks, but things have since slowed down in the Questions for Quinn segment.
In all honesty, I have made up a few, trying to give you a taste of what I can talk about, but eventually that makes a girl feel real narcissistic so it’s time for readers to step back up to the plate.
When I introduced this column, I was very clear that this wasn’t going to be about analysis of the Oilers team… there’s enough people doing that. My hope was that we could talk anything and everything hockey, the NHL, team’s style, life, best warmup music…who do I think would be the best DJ on the team? Looking for some creativity so we can have a little fun with this. There’s so much serious and upsetting stuff on the internet, let’s have some fun with this so we can all laugh together and forget about what’s happening in the real world!
It’s so funny when I think back to growing up around the Oilers, the players are just so different back then. No offence, but none of them really had great style. I remember them walking in with tapered jeans and terrible running shoes. I remember the day I realized they were a bit nerdy; I had always put them on a pedestal but I was a teenager who was really starting to take note of clothing and fashion and I was like ‘oh my, these guys have no sense of style.’ In hindsight, why did they have to? But with that said, they all had the money to wear cool clothes. Were their wives horrified about what they’d wear to practice most mornings?
Now, you’ve got guys wearing nice tight looking suits, their day-to-day gear is usually on trend…even if it’s a lazy day they’re wearing joggers and some cool running shoes. Then there’s someone like P.K. Subban who is an absolute trendsetter. Does anyone remember if there were some fashionistas in the NHL in the 1990s and early 2000s?
So this kind of morphed in to a fashion segment and I’d certainly love to dive deeper in to trends on fashion, or anything. My call for help is official, please send those questions along so we can have some fun with this segment. You can leave a comment here, or catch me on Twitter at @QJPhillips.

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