Real Life Podcast: Baggedmilk at the Elks game, no one else showed up, and the NHL Entry Draft

Photo credit:Baggedmilk
9 months ago
Tyler and Jay are in Nashville for the NHL Entry Draft and Chalmers and Wanye forgot to show up for the Monday recording, which meant Baggedmilk put together one of the most random episodes of the Real Life Podcast in quite some time.
Seeing as I was in control of the Real Life Podcast since the boys were all away or forgot we record these every week at the same time, I invited everyone that was sitting around at Nation HQ to join me for a quick chat about life. Kicking things off, I started the Monday episode of the podcast with some stories about going to the Elks game last night and how I had a great time despite the team being generally terrible. That prompted me to ask the boys when the last time they went to Commonwealth Stadium was for a football game. That led us to talk about sneaking into events and how some places make it so easy provided that you walk in with conviction. Getting back to hockey, we looked ahead at tonight’s NHL Awards that are set to take place at Bridgestone Arena and we took a few guesses as to who would win what and how proud we’ll be of Connor McDavid when he inevitably expands his trophy case. Sticking with McDavid, we also touched on his engagement that happened over the weekend and took a few guesses as to who would be the best man at his wedding.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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