Reverse Mailbag: Bring Jordan Eberle home!

Liam Horrobin
4 months ago
Welcome back to the Reverse Mailbag!
Every week, I post a link to five questions on my Twitter account (@LiamHorrobin). By responding, you could be featured in this piece. The Reverse Mailbag will come out every weekend with your thoughts on the Edmonton Oilers and other topics from around the NHL.
This time, I’ve asked you about the Oilers’ Nic Dowd for a first-round pick, Jordan Eberle’s return to Edmonton and who works best with Leon Draisaitl.

What has disappointed you the most about the Oilers since the All-Star break?

The PK and the bottom 6 – Kleen26
They seemed to have abandoned their structure that got them the 16 game winning streak. – Otto
Right d man – (No response)
Top 4 RD, then top 6 winger for Leon – Nah
Tough. I think I see more value in all in high end Cody Ceci replacement. He is good but if there is a big up grade I’d take it. I trust our forwards to score more than him to be good every night. – Josh
Lack of consistency in play (don’t show up till the 3rd if at all) No bottom 6 production Pk disappeared. – @bniesink90
I’d say the lack of consistency. They can play such a great period, get goalied and then fall flat on their face in the second (see st Louis) Lack of finishing would be a close second, every one of these losses have had a few golden chances to take the lead early, and they’ll shoot it right into the goalie or miss the net completely. – Nah x2
The general regression in their structure, sometimes back to October/Early November levels. D-men pinching on 50-50 pucks, and with no forward support leading to odd man rushes against. Lots of “in the picture” goals against with Oilers d-men and centers “near” the danger forward in front but not actually covering or tying up the player or stick. From 16 games with 2 goals or less allowed to needing 4, 5 or 6 goals to win – OriginalPouzar
The jumbling of the lines and the lack of depth scoring. As talked about on ON radio they had something good going for the winning streak with the lines and they have tried and tried with new stuff and it’s not working. Need to go back to what they had and maybe bring up a condor or two. – noah_ellis9

Would you spend a first-round pick on Nic Dowd?

No. Use it for a winger or rhd. You don’t need a first for Nic Dowd. – Kleen26
Gawd no. – Otto
All the streaking. – (No response)
Comeback vs. Leafs – Nah
Beating the Leafs. – Josh
No would have to add something else. – @bniesink90
I think you could. He’s got term left and he plays his role great on a not so great team in Washington. It’d be better if you could take a package out of Washington with Dowd included for the 1st – Nah x2
Ugh, I really don’t want to – that’s pricey for a 4th line center but he does have a 2nd year of term and is a right shot and does do well against elite comp. Still, I really don’t want to. Can we at least swap 2nds on top? Can we convince Noah Philp to come out of retirement instead? – OriginalPouzar
I think he would be a good fit for our forth line. We need size if we want to beat teams like Vegas, Vancouver, Florida, Boston and Winnipeg. We need size to match their size. Our small third line was ineffective last year in the playoffs and they are becoming that way now. – noah_ellis9

Should the Oilers pursue Jordan Eberle?

If JG and Konecny aren’t available, do it for the vibes. – Kleen26
I’d love to say yes, but no. – Otto
No. – (No response)
No way – Nah
If Sean walkers name is Travis Konecny then yep. Otherwise no. – Josh
I like what Tyler was saying if they can get him to sign a team freadly deal for a year or 2. With the Guentzel injury I would rather than go for Eberle! – @bniesink90
It’d be great to have him back, but not at the price suggested online. A 1st, plus Lavoie, +, is not good asset management at all. If you can get him for less, all the power to you. But if you’re spending that much draft capital, you better be shooting higher than Ebs. – Nah x2
Sure but not nearly at the acquisition cost that Frank suggested. Ebs is a much more “mature” player than he was when he was traded away but he isn’t the locked upgrade to 2RW many think he is. Sure, he’s more “skilled” than Foegele with a greater history of production but, over the course of the last 80 plus games, Foegele is a strong producer at 5 on 5 (tied with Malkin, JT Miller, Ehlers, Nuge, etc. for points). Beware of players that have material value based on the PP as that essentially goes away if acquired. – OriginalPouzar
I would love them to pursue Eberle, he would be great on Drai’s wing to have a proven goal scorer. Could still have Foegle on the left to help with speed on the forecheck to get the puck and distribute to Ebs or Drai. Line combos could be RNH-McDavid-Hyman, Foeg-Drai-Ebs, Kane-McLeod-Perry, Lavoie-Holloway-Gagner/Brown. – noah_ellis9

Who should play on Leon Draisaitl’s wings?

Kane or Mcleod and whoever they add. – Kleen26
Perry and McLeod/Holloway – Otto
We’ll see. – (No response)
Give it a shot, worst that happens is you go back to Ceci – Nah
Scares me. And I don’t see it as a long term fit. – Josh
McLeod Draisaitl Foegele (until they trade for Eberle) – @bniesink90
Whoever can put the puck in the net that night. – Nah x2
At this moment, I want to put McLeod/Drai/Foegele back together. Maybe by the time this comes out its Connor Brown – ha! – OriginalPouzar
McLeod and Foegle were perfect, they were productive. Added speed to Drai’s wing, were productive and reliable. Until we add a second line right winger they are what we need to stay consistent. – noah_ellis9

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