Risky Business: Buffaloading up the betting account

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1 year ago
Risky Business is brought to you by NHL odds site Betway!
As the season winds down and there are fewer games left to be played, every night becomes all the more important and the pressure of picking up points is starting to become very real. Even though I’m not saying that every game is now a must-win situation, we’re getting pretty damned close to that being the case. And tonight against the Sabres, the Oilers will face another challenge that is completely doable provided that they play the right way. Well… that and expecting that Skinner will be able to make more saves when we need them than Campbell has over his last five starts. Either way, this is a huge game for the boys and one that I’ll be betting on as I try to manifest a victory.
If you’re following along at home, the odds I’ll be using for my game day betting articles all season come from Betway. Here’s what I’m putting down against the Sabres.

Player Prop:

Leon Draisaitl over 2.5 shots at -143. My $5 bet would return $8.50.

Easy Money:

Over 1.5 total power play goals at -134. My $5 bet would return $8.75.

Risky Business:

Oilers to win and Connor McDavid over 1.5 points. My $5 bet would return $11.00.

Can’t Miss Parlay:

Winnipeg over San Jose on the money line and Ottawa over Chicago on the money line at 2.07. My $5 bet would return $14.82.


Last Game

As much as it’s annoying that I won only 1/4 of my bets on Saturday’s game, I’m way more annoyed that the Oilers lost the game because they couldn’t get a save. I don’t know what the plan is for Jack Campbell going forward, but he can’t be in net if this is how he’s going to play. I want to cheer for the guy so badly, but he’s making it incredibly difficult.
  • Leon Draisaitl over 2.5 shots at -143. ✅
  • Connor McDavid anytime goal scorer at -134.
  • Oilers to win and Leon Draisaitl over 1.5 total points at +200.
  • Ottawa over Columbus on the money line, Toronto over Vancouver on the money line, and Nashville over Chicago on the money line at 2.96.
And there you have it, friends. Now that you know what I’m betting on — I’ll be throwing one unit down on each bet, for the record — feel free to hit me up in the comments section to let me know what you’re looking at against the Sabres.

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