Second Half Of The Season Oilers Predictions

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By Woz
9 months ago
Second half of the season predictions! Now, I do understand we’re already a few games into the second half, however, there’s nothing wrong with making predictions. Let’s get into what you had to say across Oilersnation Socials!
Before getting into the article I’d like to say this piece is purely to involve the community of Oilersnation on the website. Comments are selected from Oilersnation social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Articles such as this are intended to be fun and engaging


Royden with BOLD prediction! Connor McDavid to finish with 202 points. I would love to see Connor go supernova to the max but I feel this is a bit unrealistic. Regardless, Connor McDavid always finds another gear that we never thought was possible, especially in the second half of the season.
This is a hilarious response from Bryan! He predicts that every lost game will result in an overreaction. I love this because of how true it is. Whenever to Oilers lose I swear the fan base has a mini meltdown and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re a passionate fan base with high standards and expectations. However, one loss shouldn’t mean the whole defense core should be traded!
Rob has more of a realistic prediction! They could definitely take the division. Puljujarvi will likely be dealt and I want to know what he’d rather not speak of?! Although it would be rather lovely to see a seven-game win streak in the mix!


Gert you’ve got the right idea. I’ll be honest, not sure if that defensive player is on the market right now. Maybe that’s Jonathan Toews or Ryan O’Reilly?! That defenseman doesn’t seem to be an option right now for the Oilers. Although improving the overall team defense could be the better option than acquiring just one defensive player. Good prediction!
Depth scoring would be massive down the stretch, especially if it stays consistent. If the pressure and load could be taken off Draisaitl and McDavid’s shoulders, the better. Let them save their powers for the playoffs. I imagine he’s referencing Puljujarvi and Devin Shore with the two worst league players?! Not sure if I’d label Jesse as one of the worst in the league. He can be a solid bottom-six player, but definitely not for how much he’s getting paid. But far from the worst in my opinion.
“Oilers have their biggest trade deadline since 06” PLEASE KEN! Give us something to be excited about on deadline day! Doubt it will happen since Kenny doesn’t seem like the type of GM. I feel any big move he may pull off, will end up hurting us down the road. Would love to see Soup steal the net from Stu. Based on the last few games, it might be time to lessen Stu’s workload but maybe that’s just me being a prisoner of the moment.


Jaded has some good predictions here when it comes to Puljujarvi and the big splash. Odds are Ken won’t do anything wild, unfortunately. Considering this question was posed last week, don’t believe they’ll hit the 25-4-3 record. Would be wild if they did!
Considering the Oilers are five points back of the Stars for the top spot in the Western Conference. This could definitely happen. Would love to see Edmonton be on top of the west for a change!
If McDavid finds another gear and ends up scoring 70 then I’d automatically give him the GOAT title. I know he needs to win a Stanley Cup but when it comes to pure, individual brilliance. No one’s better than Connor McDavid. The scary part, we know he can do it!
WRAP UP: Thank you to all those who sent their predictions! We’re in store for a thrilling end to the season, but maybe not so much when it comes to the deadline. But you never know with those Erik Karlsson rumours! My prediction?! McDavid finishes with 149 points and Edmonton takes first in the Pacific Division!

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